May 27, 2020

9 White Sandal Styling Tips for Summer OOTDs

White sandals can be hard to match with your outfit. Also, they get dirty quickly so maintaining them can be a difficult task as well. But these styling tips will make you want to go buy a pair right now!

Pairing white shoes and sandals with your clothes can be hard. A lot of us probably tend to wear our black sneakers or black sandals at the last minute, scared to go with white. They get dirty easily, and you're not sure if they really match what you're wearing. No need to worry anymore though, as we have compiled a list of 9 images that will aid you in styling your outfit with your special white shoes. Be confident and sport those ivory-colored beauties!

9 Ways to Wear White Sandals

All White

One of the easiest and most simple tips for white sandals is wearing an all-white outfit. All white is a look that will look amazing on girls with tan skin. To pull this stylish look off, all you need is a snug white t-shirt, white pants, trousers, or jeans, and white strappy sandals. A colored bag is also a great accent for that pop of color. Your bag can even match the color of your nails!

Pastel Dress

White sandals actually go quite well with pastel-colored pieces. It will give you a clean and feminine look, if that's what you're striving for. This color combo is great for girls who live in sunny, tropical countries, as it also complements tan skin very well. It's simple and easy! Wear your favorite statement earrings and carry a beige or white bag or clutch, and your look is done!

Animal Print

Try matching your cute white sandals with a white top and an animal print skirt! Your skirt can be maxi, midi, or mini. It can be flared, pencil, or A-line. Just make sure you wear white on top though so the skirt stands out and your whole outfit remains well-balanced.


If you have an office meeting or conference, but you want to wear your brand new white sandals, this may be a look to try. The collared shirt and striped summer knit make this outfit look professional enough to wear to the office. You can sport platform sandals here, or flat white sandals - your choice. White heels should work well too! Try mixing and matching and working with what you own.


Here's an extremely casual but stylish outfit that you can try on a hot but breezy summer day. Wear a fitted white t-shirt, your favorite white sandals, carry a white bag, but wear dark-colored pants. This way, you will look well-balanced, clean, and chic. You can add simple silver accessories or sunglasses, and top it off with a bright red lipstick of your choice!

Pastel Suit

If you have a pastel pant suit, or you want to buy one after seeing this picture, then you can definitely pair your white or clear, transparent sandals with it. Liza Soberano looks stunning in this pastel purple outfit, and you can see that her white sandals that wrap around her ankles complement the setup very well. Simple yet sophisticated and stylish!


Are you one of those girls who loves jeans and refuses to wear anything else? Then, this should be your go-to outfit. White, thong heels are a big sandal trend in 2020, and paired with the perfect jeans and black tanktop or crop top will make them stand out beautifully. Simple silver jewelry and a natural makeup look are a great combination.

Striped Dress

A blue and white striped dress is a never-ending staple of summer attire. If you have a striped dress laying around or hanging in your closet, take it out now and pair it with your strappy white sandals! If your dress is light blue and white, carry a dark blue clutch or bag. If your dress is light green and white, then you should match a dark green or moss green purse. Make sure the colors in your outfit are well-balanced - that's they key here when wearing white shoes!

White Top & Denim

Here's a simple but classy look that you can easily imitate. Wear a white crop top, preferably with balloon sleeves or padded shoulders, and pair it with your favorite straight or boot-cut jeans. Since this outfit is relatively simple, your bag can be any color. If you want a toned-down look, carry a navy or black bag, but if you want a more upbeat, fun look, you can go for a colorful pink, orange, or green bag.

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