Dec 18, 2019

Regret Cutting Your Bangs? Here Are 5 Ways To Hide Those Not-So-Cool Fringes

Bangs can be a love-hate relationship. If you hate your bangs, read the 5 ways to stylishly hide them right below.

What do you do in your free time? Some girls read books while others watch a movie on Netflix. Some, though, have cut their bangs because they want to look cool or was just bored. Then, a lot of them regretted their not-so well-thought-of decision. Have you been in that situation? Because I've been there! If you are experiencing a bangs dilemma right now, you might be thinking of ways to hide it while you wait for them to grow long. We've rounded up 5 stylish ways to hide your bangs. And you know what's better? These are all celebrity-inspired style suggestions! Check them out below.

Accessorize Your Hair With Hair Clips

To keep your bangs away from your face, you should secure them using hair clips. Hair clips are trendy accessories that will look stylish on you without exposing your struggle with your not-so-cool fringe.

The young wife of ex-Senator Chiz Escudero, Heart Evangelista, never failed to impress us on how she carries herself as well as how she dresses. She showed off her quirky style by using hair clips to hide her bangs.

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Hide Your Bangs With a Headband

Aside from hair clips, you can also use a headband to hide your fringe. Comb your bangs back and when the tips of the bangs stick out at the back, hold them down with a hair serum or your trusty hairspray. Put on your wide headband or bandana and you're good to go!

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo always brings a printed headband with her during her travels so she can easily change her hair look in an instant.

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Center-part Twists Should Do The Trick

If you want to level up your bangs hair clipping game, you can try to do minimal hairstyling before you place the accessory. To do center-parts twists, part your hair in the middle and twist your fringe away from your forehead and secure it with a hair clip.

Sofia Andres seems to love hair accessories very much as most of her Instagram posts show images of her wearing hair clips, headbands, and barrettes.

Do A Half-up Top Knot

For a laidback hair look that fits your lazy girl clothing, you might want to do a half-up top knot hairstyle. This requires you to sweep back the front part of your hair, including the bangs, and tying them up into a knot.

Sharlene San Pedro is not the cute kid we've known from Goin' Bulilit anymore. She's now a young lady who's rocking her cool-girl style with a half-up top knot to complement her look.

Sweep Your Bangs To The Side

If you have medium to long bangs, you can easily sweep them to the side so they can blend into the layers of your hair. This look works best for those with wavy or curly tresses and is mostly donned during big parties and events.

Another Goin' Bulilit alumna, Kristel Fulgar has morphed from an adorable child into a beautiful lady. She's now slaying red carpets such as that on the ABSCBN Ball 2019 with her wavy, side-swept hair look.

Just a piece of advice: Never cut your bangs out of boredom again!