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Mar 25, 2020

5 Ways To Become The Ultimate Classy Lady You Dream To Be

It's not hard to be a lady with class!

Who can be called a "classy lady"? Is it someone who is snobby or stuck up? No, but being a classy lady means that you should have dignity, consideration, and moderation in your daily actions. You should also show a high degree of etiquette and appreciation to be considered as classy and elegant. Moreover, being a classy woman is not dictated by your looks and social status, but instead, it involves your personality and how you carry yourself towards others. That being said, anyone can become a lady of class, including you. Here are some ways to become the ultimate classy lady!

Improve Your Posture

Having good posture is essential if you want to be seen as a classy lady. Make sure to keep your back straight when you're sitting down or standing up. Avoid slouching at all costs as this habit is said to be a sign of laziness and bad manners. So classy lady, make sure to keep your spine straight and hold your head up as much as you can!

Maintain Good Hygiene

Classy women are hygienic. They shower everyday and always wear clean clothes. If they do something where they get all dirty or sweaty, they change right after. Even if you wear fancy perfume or fake nails, if you don't practice good hygiene, you still can't consider yourself a classy lady. Sorry!

Dress With Dignity

Dressing with dignity doesn't mean that you should buy expensive dresses. As long as your clothes are in good condition, with no rips and are not too revealing, you could wear it with class. Moreover, you should make sure that the clothes fit you well, wrinkle-free, and are appropriate for the occasion you are attending. Remember, it's better to be a little bit overdressed than being underdressed if you're aiming to be a classy woman.

Practice Good Manners

To be considered a classy woman, you should practice good manners wherever you go. So, greet people in a friendly tone, say 'please' and 'thank you', be generous and always smile, and be ready to apologize when you did wrong. As a classy lady, you should learn you show your appreciation and be humble.

Exhibit Confidence

Confidence is needed to be seen as a classy woman. However, you should know the difference between confidence and being conceited. The confidence you need to show is being sure of your worthiness regardless of what others say. You should be independent-minded and never afraid to speak for yourself when necessary.

Being a classy lady involves being genuine. You should never feel obliged to become a different person as you'll come out fake and trying too hard. Just go with the flow and slowly incorporate these subtle changes to your lifestyle. Then, you'll be oozing with class without even trying!