Jul 11, 2018

4 Wavy Hair Styles for Different Occasions

While you never really need an excuse to sport wavy hair, these different styles of wavy hair might clue you in on what style is appropriate for each occasion.

The easiest way to style your hair for a special occasion is by curling it. Wondering which curls would suit your event? These celebs clue you in on different styles and when best to wear them.

The Effortlessly Wavy Mess

It's casual, laid-back, messy, and incredibly sexy. This is the perfect wavy hair look for a casual daytime date with your bae or a quick brunch catch-up with the girls.

The Messy, Sexy Wave

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While Janella's waves are messy yet still tamed at the top, Julie Ann San Jose wears them with volume all over. Waves like this are the perfect style for a night out at the club.

The Semiformal Wave

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No, it's not exclusively for semiformal occasions; we just called it that because it goes well with both casual jeans and t-shirt outfit and a luxurious gown.

The Slight Curl

Curls at the bottom look great on ladies with short to medium hair because it doesn't look too overpowering. This style looks great with a corporate attire, some pearl earrings, and a bit of nude lipstick.

Give your locks a nice curl to change up your look for a special occasion!