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Feb 4, 2020

7 V-Day-Ready Outfits You Should Wear This Love Season

The love season is the perfect chance to show off your fashion!

Have you already made plans for Valentine's Day? Whether you're set for a romantic date with your husband or boyfriend or a friendly dinner with your closest pals and your family, you should aim to look your best as this love holiday could be your excuse to wear something special or even extra! And because we are just a week away from the celebration, you should probably start planning your V-day outfits already. But wait, so you aren't yet sure what to wear on the most romantic day of the year? Well, you've come to the right place. We've got 7 V-day-ready fashion pieces that will make you stand out on the occasion.

7 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Basic Red Lace Dress

Is there anything more iconic for the February 14th holiday than wearing a red lacey feminine dress? Red is a powerful color and is the perfect representation of Valentine's Day. If you want to look sultry and seductive, don't just wear any red dress. Instead, pick a mini dress with lace details. Pair it with nice sandals or white sneakers for a casual and sporty look!

Puff Sleeves & Polka Dots

If you are an avid reader of our articles, you might have read that puff sleeves and polka dots are among the fashion trends we should watch out for this 2020. What if we combine both of them for this year's Valentine's Day celebration? Wear a pink dress with both of those elements and you'll be looking chic and trendy on your date!

Light Pink Sheer Dress

Want to look delicate and innocent? Then you should wear a light pink sheer dress. Ruffles add a dainty touch to the outfit while the subtle polka-dot design makes it trendy.

Neon Pink Sandals

While neon is considered the face of summer, we can still use that color chrome for Valentine's Day. Opt for vibrant and bold-colored footwear such as neon pink sandals to enhance your monotone look, or just bring the attention to your feet. Also, you'll look trendy too since neon is also one of the big fashion trends of 2020!

Red Crop Top

Getting dressed for Valentine's Day just got so easy. You can just pick a red crop top from your wardrobe that comes with some chic details such as ruffles or floral prints and pair them with your favorite bottoms. Voila! You have constructed a perfect and simple V-day look!

Heart-Shaped Earrings

A symbol of love and affection, a pair of heart-shaped earrings is a must-have on V-day. Also, prepare to receive another pair from your special someone because this jewelry piece might be among the gift ideas your partner could come across.

Pink Bucket Hat

Bucket hats could be among the trendiest hat styles you could ever think of. Accessorize your casual-chic look by wearing a pink bucket hat and you're good to go!

Whatever your plans may be, never forget to dress to impress!