Jun 29, 2020

UNIQLO's AIRism Clothing Line Is Perfect for the Philippines' Hot And Humid Weather

How to survive the heat in the Philippines? The AIRism clothing line from UNIQLO is guaranteed to provide you comfort on hot days!

Back on March 19, 2013, the Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer, and retailer UNIQLO announced the global launch of the AIRism clothing line. Its then-latest brand of highly-functional underwear, AIRism was introduced under the catchphrase "comfort unlimited." With AIRism, UNIQLO promised to deliver unlimited comfort for everyone, wherever they are in the world.

While AIRism caters to the needs of everyone, it is best suited for those who live in areas that experience hot and humid weather because it is made from a breathable and antimicrobial fabric that stretches, wicks moisture and sweat, neutralizes odor, and stays cool to the touch.

We all know about the saying, "From small beginnings come great things." Like any other huge company, UNIQLO also has an interesting history that we must know. Also, you would surely be interested to know about how the AIRism technology came into existence.

History of UNIQLO

The archipelago of Japan is inhabited by people who have cultivated poignant wisdom and awareness of their world. This is especially true for those who reside in the islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. As the country fronts the Pacific Ocean, the inhabitants know that this huge body of water can be very calm but sometimes, wildly unpredictable. Living beside the ocean has nurtured a delicate understanding of the natural world in the hearts of the Japanese people. Because of that, they learned to adapt to it and appreciate its beauty.

The Japanese people have also a cultural expression of the five senses. These five senses ⁠— sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch⁠ — are collectively called "gokan." This word refers to our physical connection with the outside world. With such a mindset, UNIQLO was able to create clothes for life.

How AIRism Came To Be

Summer in Japan can be notoriously hot and humid, similar to the weather in the Philippines. Because the heat's intensity in the area is almost inescapable, people have tried different ways to cope with its clinging discomfort but sadly, nothing has been found as effective as the body's own means of coping with the heat. For instance, we naturally cool ourselves down by sweating when it's hot. The sweat our body releases takes the heat along with it. However, this process would be hindered sometimes because of the clothes we wear. Instead of evaporating, our sweat gets trapped and the heat remains stuck to our skin.

Acknowledging how the body copes with heat inspired UNIQLO to find a solution of their own. If you are quite familiar, UNIQLO has also made the HEATTECH feature back then to warm up our bodies. Having created such technology before, UNIQLO is confident that it can make a garment that will do the opposite and cool down our bodies. UNIQLO enlisted the aid of Japan's Asahi Kasei and Toray Industries to make this into reality. The combined effort of these companies resulted in a new genre of comfortable and breathable innerwear that was dubbed as AIRism.

AIRism For Men

For men's bodies, UNIQLO turned to Toray Industries to develop a micro-polyester that is so fine it can only be measured at a micron level. Made from ultra-fine fibers, AIRism for men is both amazingly smooth on the skin and snug-fitting without feeling constrictive. Garments under the AIRism collection are extremely silky to the touch and comfortable to wear, as if you are wearing nothing. And they are not only smooth, they also wick away moisture and quickly absorb perspiration. AIRism features a highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-odor functionality so the wearer can feel fresh all day. All of the qualities mentioned above make AIRism a great choice for men.

AIRism For Women

UNIQLO took the needs of a woman's body into consideration while making AIRism for women. The company wants women to be free from the discomfort of perspiration and provide a chill factor associated with air conditioning. UNIQLO studied the properties of Cupro, which is an innovative micro-fiber made exclusively by the top materials manufacturer Asahi Kasei. For your information, Cupro fibers are repurposed from leftover cotton linters - that's why it is exceptionally smooth, breathable, and offers a silky, barely-there touch. Cupro fibers also have a rare ability to rapidly absorb moisture and diffuse heat so you won't have a problem regarding moisture and heat buildup under clothing, keeping its wearer dry and comfortable at all times.

AIRism For Kids

Just like adults, kids get hot, too. To address your children's needs, UNIQLO adapted the AIRism technology to help keep the little ones comfortable and cool while playing. As parents, you won't be worried that sweat will dry up on your child's delicate skin.

Additional Features of AIRism

The AIRism collection is versatile and is offered in multiple variations, each designed for the varying needs and lifestyles of its customers. So no matter who you are, where and how you live, there's always an AIRism for you.

Made in a variety of sleeve lengths and necklines, the AIRism garments can work underneath anything you might want to wear. They don't only adapt to hot and humid weather; they also adapt to your wardrobe.

Regarding the visibility, the newest iterations of AIRism are proven seamless. UNIQLO has considered reducing bulk and the appearance of lines so that it's nearly undetectable to the eye. You might even forget that you are wearing an AIRism garment!

With the AIRism line, you won't have a problem with ventilation. As its mesh fabrication enhances the AIRism's breathability, you will always feel dry and comfortable whether you are at the gym or on the court.

To top it all off, AIRism is offered in an assortment of cosmetic colors so it can work in tandem with your skin in more ways. Style has never been this comfortable!

The information stated above should be enough to encourage you to buy a UNIQLO AIRism garment because if not, we don't know what would move you to do so. Choosing comfortable clothing like AIRism could change your life for the better, especially if you live in hot and humid areas like the Philippines.