Mar 26, 2020

5 Cute Korean Ulzzang Hairstyles For School Every Girl Must Imitate

Steal the campus' spotlight by styling your hair like an ulzzang girl!

Are you fed up with your current hairstyle and are looking for some hairstyle inspirations? Well, the Korean ulzzang women don't disappoint. While they are best known for having the best skincare regime, Koreans, especially those who have ulzzang status, are also trendsetters when it comes to hairstyles. Blessed with soft, shiny hair, Korean women can make effortless and strategically imperfect hairstyles look trendy and amazing. And the best part about their go-to hairstyles is that they are very easy to achieve! So if you want to become the new campus crush, read on for the 5 best Korean ulzzang hairstyles for school!

The Panda Ears

In case you don't know yet, Koreans love anime. No wonder, one of the hairstyles they normally sport at school is inspired by the anime Sailor Moon: panda ears. This hairstyle can be achieved by making two super cute buns on either side of your head, resembling the ears of a panda. Make sure that the buns are coiled up to look like a button. The panda ears hairstyle looks cute on Korean ulzzangs. It will surely look cute on you, too!

Braids with a Twist

Do you ever feel annoyed with your hair that goes real unruly while you're at school? To prevent your hair from becoming a reason of annoyance, tie it up into a braid. You can go in the usual way by braiding your hair very neatly, but you can add a subtle Korean-inspired twist by keeping the front hair loose or even curled so that it looks more casual. You can also opt to do a loose braid for that quirky look.

The Baby Doll

Medium hairstyles are quite popular in Korea since they always follow the trend set by the K-pop and K-drama world. One of the hottest hairstyles, The Baby Doll is characterized by having straight, medium hair with fine front fringes and curls at the bottom to make the hair look natural and fluffy. While this hairstyle looks quite simple, it looks charming and attractive and is perfect for accessorizing.

High Ponytail with Ribbon

Korean women prefer cool hairstyles and they have the ability to turn a somewhat boring and common hairstyle into something cute and trendy. Take, for example, the high ponytail. While a high ponytail itself can already add visual interest to the face, incorporating quirky bangs that are properly cut can further enhance the best of your features. Plus, accessorizing the hairstyle with something adorable such as a ribbon takes the look to the next level.

Short Bob with Bangs

If you're a big fan of K-dramas, you would notice that the short bob look with front bangs has become one of the most popular hairstyles in Korea. Although it may look very simple and casual, the short bob hairstyle will make you look cute and youthful. And needless to say, the fine front bangs also add to the beauty of this hair look.

Which ulzzang hairstyle will you try first?