Oct 2, 2018

Wear it, Be Cute, and Have Fun! Here's Our Take on the Trendy Korean Jumper Dress!

Whether you opt to wear it over short or long sleeve shirts, jumper dresses make amazing outfits!

As a little girl, we're sure you owned and wore at least one jumper dress to school. The trend is now back as we present you with today's Korean jumper dress ideas that we're sure you'll totally rock.

Jumper dresses are the key basics for ultimate layering ideas. You can wear it over a casual shirt and pair it with your favorite flats or sneakers. You can even choose to wear it over a formal blouse and put on stylish wedges or laced booties. It's up to you, girl!

Find your match and create a whole new look today!

Looking for something different that you can wear to work? Here's a trendy way to do it. Pair your favorite long-sleeved shirt with a solid-colored jumper dress like this one. It's modern, chic, and definitely comfortable.

Vintage Linen Plain Skirt Cotton Linen Jumper Dress PHP 541.00

Denim jumpers? An absolutely cool take on the jumper dress! They're great when going out for a stroll with family and friends. Pair your denim jumper dress with a white shirt and you'll be catching someone's eye today, girl!

MM Versatile Denim Mid-length Plus-sized Korean Dungaree PHP 796.00

If you feel like going for a cute and girly vibe look, wear light-colored jumper dress. You'll have tons of fun with this charming outfit. Pair it with your fave sneakers and you're good to go! This one's perfect for an exciting trip to the mall, wouldn't you agree?

Angel Shine - Corduroy Jumper Dress PHP 539.78

If you and your beau love sporty and outdoorsy date, surprise him with a sweet and enchanting getup. He probably won't be able to focus on the game. Go get his attention girl!

YICON - Jumper Dress / Set: Short-Sleeve T-Shirt + Jumper Dress PHP 2284.97

Printed jumper dresses are also so in today. From polka dots to flowers and even cartoon characters, printed jumpers create a whole new vibe for your look today. Wear it over a plain blouse or shirt, a pair of black tights, and you're sure to turn heads.

OrangeBear - Corduroy Floral Fluted Jumper Dress PHP 1726.37

Jumper dresses aren't just for little girls. Whether you're off to work, school, or out on a date, these hip jumpers are sure hits!

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