Mar 30, 2020

Steal These 5 Trending Curly Hairstyles From Your Favorite Korean Stars

You would love these hairstyles, too!

Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? If you are, then you are very lucky as the latest hair trend in the K-beauty world is having wavy tresses. With perms, all you have to do is give your hair a quick blow-dry and you'll instantly look like you just spent hours styling your hair. And if you have an instant appointment and you want to sport messy curls, you can just get up from your bed, give your tresses a shake, and you're good to go! Moreover, curls add volume to your hair while making it more manageable. No wonder, our favorite Korean stars are loving this new hair trend! If you are planning to jump onto the curly hair bandwagon, you have come to the right place. We have listed 5 hairstyles that involve perms so you can easily copy the look!

Korean Flip Curl

As what its name suggests, the Korean flip curl involves having the curly ends turning outwards instead of it curling inwards or in a circular motion. While this hairstyle is popular among teens, it might not suit those who are in their 30s or 40s as it could make their hair look unkempt. Watch how the Moon Embracing The Sun child actress Kim So-hyun, who is now aged 20, gives off a modern vibe by sporting this hairstyle.

Layered Perm

The layered perm is characterized by layered hair and curls that go in different directions, which is why the hair looks like waves that flow naturally. The good news is, people of all ages can pull off this look. However, this hairstyle looks best if you have really long hair. The layered perm looks beautiful on Lee Ji-eun or UI and it would look pretty on you, too!

One-length Long Wave Perm

Do you prefer a more uniformed look that looks breezy and natural? Try the one-length long wave perm! It is similar to the Layered Perm, just without the layers. This hairstyle is best for those with thicker hair as the lack of layers reduces the volume of the hair. Kim Taeyeon of Girls' Generation looks undeniably chic and stylish with her long wave perm.

Hippie Perm

Since 2018, the hippie perm has been trending in both Japan and Korea. This hairstyle is characterized by small curls which was popular back in the 1980s. What's interesting is that the hippie perm requires minimal maintenance. See how edgy and artsy the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo actress Lee Sung-kyung looks in her version of the hippie perm.

Balayage Perm

While you just had to choose between dyeing and perming your hair to avoid excessive damage in the past, you can now have both at the same time thanks to the new dyeing techniques such as the balayage. Balayage involves incorporating highlights to your hair to add volume and flair. BLACKPINK's Thai-born member Lisa is known for her unique fashion so it's no surprise that she had a balayage perm done to her hair.

Are you ready to go all curly this summer? Which look will you try first?