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Feb 3, 2020

Match Your Makeup With Your Outfit With These 4 Useful Tips!

Have fun in coordinating your makeup to your outfit!

Gone are the days when we stick to monochromatic makeup and clothing. This 2020, we are aiming to incorporate colors to whatever we wear. Want to wear that red gown? Sure! Planning to buy that purple midi dress? No problem! You just have to make sure that your makeup goes well with your outfit. Coordinating your makeup to your outfit isn't just fun, but also a way to make a bold and beautiful statement. However, there's a thin line between looking fabulous and looking ready for Halloween. To avoid the latter, please check out these 4 useful tips on how to match the colors on your face to the colors on your body!

Stay Within One Color Palette

Okay, so you're planning to wear a bold-colored outfit. In that case, you should steer clear from using the same bold shade on your face. Instead, pick a muted version of your outfit color. For example, you can pair bright blue clothes with a smoky blue-gray eyeshadow or a coral dress with baby pink lips. Keeping your facial features played down will complement a loud outfit. Rihanna is an expert when it comes to playing with colors. Wearing a chocolate brown outfit, she made sure to apply different shades of brown on her facial features.

Pick One Focus Feature

Are you thinking of pairing your cherry-red dress with red lipstick, blush, and eye shadow? This look works well if you are planning to go to a children's party and you're the clown! To avoid going straight into clown territory, pick a single feature to enhance. You can choose to apply your outfit-matching color on just your eyes or lips. If your outfit is multicolored, you can make a second focal point and use a different hue on your other features.

Make Use of Neutrals

So you want your focus feature to stand alone. Then, you should tone down the rest of your makeup with a soft, neutral palette. If you're going for bold lips, pick sheer neutrals or peachy colors on the eyes and cheeks. For daring eyes, opt for neutral-color lips. For a neutral outfit, incorporate bold colors in your makeup. For her Victoria Secret Fashion Show appearance, Kendall Jenner had her dramatic eye shadow balanced out by neutral lip color.

Learn About Complementary Colors

Did you ever learn about the color wheel in your art class back then? You may have learned that each color has its corresponding complement, which is placed opposite to its position in the color wheel. Aside from its exact complementary color, you can also choose its adjacent colors because they also work well. Take, for example, Beyoncé. She paired her shiny yellow gown with red-orange lips. For your information, yellow and orange are adjacent colors as they sit next to each other in the color wheel.

Seeing how these tips were used by your favorite celebrities only proves that if you follow them, you'll also become successful in matching your makeup with your outfit!