Jul 31, 2019

The Trendy Belt Bag: Function and Fashion Rolled in One

It looks like the 90s belt bag trend is coming back to life, and we ain't complaining.

The hands-free bag trend has been growing in popularity in recent years, with the belt bag slowly becoming a wardrobe staple. The belt bag started out only as a complement for the street style look back in the 90s. But look where it is now: The humble belt bag was being recognized as the ultimate handbag that offers both convenience and style and embraced by more sophisticated fashion enthusiasts.

If you want to sport a fashionable bag that is functional and convenient at the same time, you can never go wrong with the belt bag! Here are some fanny packs you can choose from (or collect altogether!) that will surely complete your trendy look:

Described by H&M as a "chic and useful waist bag", the featured belt bag perfectly accentuates the model's overall look. It doesn't look too bulky and overdone.

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Mango Zipped Lap Belt Bag PHP 748.00

To sport that military-like look, wearing something with camouflage print is the usual go-to fashion idea. For a cool and subtly tough aura, you may want to use a belt bag with prints like this Prada fanny pack.

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Outdoor Sports and Leisure Waist Bag 659.00

Finally, the legendary stripes are back! Burberry's The Vintage Check Bum Bag makes us feel nostalgic about the 90s bag trends. If you want a bold and classic look, this belt bag is a must-have!

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Burberry Crossbody Belt Bag PHP 2599.00

The usual multi-zipped belt bag is still as trendy as it first appeared. By using leather, the traditional belt bag was given a more formal aura like this belt bag from Fendi.

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Lattice Line Leather Waist Bag PHP 630.00

Kipling is widely-known for its best-selling bags. No wonder, its belt bags don't compromise style with function. Even the simplest fanny packs like this can make you look cool and chic.

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GUESS Fashion Belt Bag PHP 500.00

Surely, there's no other better print on a Gucci belt bag than its iconic logo. The stripes that grace the belt bag straps serve as a twist to the plain white-colored bag.

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Gucci Adjustable Waterproof Waist Pouch PHP 518.00

Function and fashion must never be separated. And you can have both by donning a belt bag on your well-sculpted waist. It's hands-free, convenient, and stylish!