Oct 5, 2017

These Are The Prettiest Pink adidas Sneakers Ever!

Millennial pink is the hottest color this year, for sure!

Ever since the first adidas NMDs were released, sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads have fallen in love. And we can't blame them because the adidas NMD combines extreme comfort with such stylish designs and colors. It's undoubtedly the most popular shoe style over the past couple of years, with collaborations with celebrities like Pharell Williams and designer Henry Poole.

The latest adidas release may not be a huge collaboration, but we're sure it is going to be a big hit with anyone who loves the season's trendiest colors.

Introducing the adidas in millennial pink:

It features the classic NMD silhouette, the one that's perfect for casual streetwear, with what may be the decade's most popular color palette. Even if you're not too big on sneakers, this might just be the pair for you.

Sadly, the adidas NMD in millennial pink is extremely difficult to get your hands on. It's sold out on the adidas website and in most boutiques. You might have better luck getting it online through resellers, but beware of the price hike! What we'd suggest is scouring the city for this colorway and hoping with all your might that you'll find one in your size!