Jun 8, 2020

10 Swimwear Trends To Invest In This Summer 2020

Planning to buy new swimwear? Check out these 10 swimwear trends for summer 2020.

Shopping for new swimwear is probably the most exciting part of your summer plans. For most girls, picking a nice, trendy swimsuit is very important as it will define the best Instagram summer selfies. Just like everything else, swimwear trends also change every year. And since we are already talking about trends, we narrowed down some of the summer 2020 swimwear trends you need to add to your wardrobe.

High-waisted bottoms

High-waisted bottoms have been a trend since the last summer season and it's still prominent this year. This style is just too cute and what girls love about this is that they don't have to worry about their bottoms sliding down under the water. This is also a perfect cover up for your tiger marks near the bikini area.

Bandeau tops

Girls are starting to love this swimwear trend as it is simple, wide, stretchy, and comfortable. It is also good for all cup sizes. Strapped bandeaus add more support and style.


While everyone else is obsessed with different two-piece swimwear designs, the one-piece is making its way back to the fashion world. With many available styles and designs, it's now easy to pick whatever you want for your next beach getaway.

Ruffle Sleeves

Adding some ruffles to your swimwear can make a big difference to your summer look. This small detail can level up your plain two-piece into something cute and fashionable.

Neutral Colors

If you want to look more tanned, opt for neutral colors such as beige and brown, as it will pair well with your sun-kissed skin.

Multi-patterned mismatch

You may think that wearing two different pieces won't look good at all but it's actually cute! It's always fun to mix and match swimsuit pieces as it will allow you to experiment on your own. One tip, it's better if you have a plain bottom that can be paired with different patterned tops so you'll get many swimwear outfits.


Just like ruffles, straps can also make a big difference in your look. It gives more style, and shows how confident you are. This swimsuit trend can also help emphasize your waist in the progress. Straps look good with both one piece and two pieces.


We just can't get enough with the vibe that tie-dye brings. This classic design is now also a trend for swimsuits!

Covered-up pieces

You don't have to always be bold, wearing daring swimsuits. That's why covered-up pieces are also now a trend. This swimsuit usually comes with short or long sleeves, and booty shorts or high-waisted bottoms.

Neon Colors

Just like neutral colors, neon colors can make your look more tanned too! Be ready to flaunt your sun-kissed skin with some neon.

With so many available styles and designs, one piece or two pieces, you can absolutely look fabulous in your next summer Instagram selfie.

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