Apr 24, 2019

Dress Like Julia Barretto for the Summer!

Summer's in, and so are Julia Barretto's outfits of the day.

Our all-time favorite 22-year-old actress has recently filled her Instagram with updates on her vacation, and her style just pops out of the photos, whether she's at a serene beach or on a colorful street. And, since summer vacation is just a few days away, we've decided that these outfits are the perfect trendsetters to follow in order to get that playful, breezy summer vibe wherever you go this summer.

1. Vibrant Eye-Candy

Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you definitely know it's Julia because these colors she wears compel your eyes to look at her. Dressed in vibrant orange dresses, Julia catches your attention amidst the graying structures, blue skies, and rocky floor due to the uniqueness of her chosen color. Which is why, if you want to lure everyone in the vicinity, wear a similar orange off-shoulder dress which specifically shows off those collarbones and toned legs. And when someone stares at you, don't be shy and carry the orange joy with your smile.

Summer Off Shoulder Strap Dress PHP 376.00

2. The #NoEffort Look

Another outfit that Julia can be seen wearing in several of her Instagram posts is a set made of white tops with a few designs, either with or without sleeves and denim jeans. It's really simple, really effortless, and the pieces might just already be in your closet. This outfit is perfect for those days when you want to be stylish but you're either running late or out of ideas. Julia sometimes ties her hair up or lets it go wild while wearing this staple look. Still, no matter what you pair the look with, be it a couple of bracelets or some fancy shoes, this outfit is versatile with anything, and at any casual occasions.

BENCH Graphic Tee PHP 379.75

Abercrombie & Fitch Harper Low Rise Ankle Jeans PHP 6839.00

3. Swimsuit

And, because summer vacation and beach parties go along really well together, wearing a swimsuit is definitely unavoidable. Julia actually has a lot of beach photos that you can get inspired by, but here, she's wearing a white strapless one-piece that shows off her figure, especially those shoulders. The white color contrasts and also compliments her fair skin, giving off #InstagramGoals vibes. All in all, this outfit gives each viewer an ethereal feeling, as if they're watching a painting of a lady in a white swimsuit who belongs at the sea.

South Beach Bardot Frill Lace-Up Side Swimsuit PHP 1759.00

4. Figure-Hugging dresses

In this Instagram post, you can see Julia strutting it out in a wine-red bodycon dress while swaying along with the music in the elevator. She even smiles in perfect timing with the music. Body-hugging dresses like this with a touch of confidence like this are a must for the summer! Especially when you have a great figure, bodycon dresses fit snugly and make you look sexy. You can either choose a breezy, playful, but figure-flattering spaghetti bodycon dress or a slinky wrap one.

F.101 Spaghetti Bodycon Dress PHP 749.00

MISSGUIDED Strappy Slinky Wrap Bodycon Dress PHP 1029.00

5. Denim Jackets and Classic Vintage

Pictures like these can't help but show us how Julia's outfits really set the atmosphere with just a few glances. With a vintage and faded background, she absolutely and undeniably outshines everything while still keeping the vintage theme in. Her fair skin and flawless makeup also attract your attention to her. This Instagram look is composed of a cool denim jacket, a dark denim skirt, and a light tank top, and even though she's just sitting, you can already see how classy and lady-like she looks. You can try to recreate this outfit by using these similar pieces.

CaraMelody - Plain Tank Top PHP 565.29

OXYGEN Denim Trucker Jacket With Cut & Sew Panel PHP 1299.00

WAREHOUSE Cargo Denim Skirt PHP 1399.00

Julia Barretto is a beauty queen, we all understand that. She has mastered fashion in every way possible and learned how to look effortless but still beautiful in all photos. But if there's one thing we get to learn from her, it's how confident one must be. Just look at her photos and short videos. It's not just about what you wear, but how you carry it too!

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