Feb 23, 2018

Let's Put the Spotlight on Maris Racal – From PBB Sweetheart to Fashion Icon

Ever since this sweet and shy girl from Tagum, Davao Del Norte graced our small screens during her appearances on PBB, we've been awed by her personality. She's admittedly introverted, but all she needs is a little nudge to get her to open up.

Maris Racal hails from a music-loving family. But due to her shyness, she admits that she was never really interested in pursuing a career that requires her to perform in front of thousands of people. She also says that she's not a "biritera", and instead opts for more chill and relaxed songs – totally in line with her personality.

When it comes to fashion choices, the 20-year-old star knows when to tone it down and when to amp it up. Her style ranges from ultra-casual tank tops and jean shorts to more red carpet-worthy cocktail dresses. So let's take a look at Maris' style!

The Bomb

At 20 years old, Maris' style is youthful and fresh. She has a very casual vibe, which makes it so easy for young Filipinas to relate to her. On days when she's not shooting endorsement videos or out to a meet and greet with fans, her style is as casual as can be.

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For instance, in this outfit, she's wearing a grey tank top under a red bomber jacket. It's cozy and casual, but because of the bright hue of her jacket, it packs a punch!

How to Get the Look

Below we've got what might be a near-perfect match for the jacket Maris is wearing. The hue and style are similar, save for the ruching detail on the sleeves.

ZAFUL Puffer Zip Up Bomber Jacket USD 21.47 (approx. PHP 1120.00)

Monochrome and Denim

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Just about any Filipina gal can pull off an outfit with a simple t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. But for this outfit Maris takes it up a notch by adding a faded denim jacket on top. As with the outfit above, it's a simple outfit made fabulous by the gorgeous girl wearing it.

How to Get the Look

When it comes to denim jackets, you won't have any trouble finding them. Whether you want a denim jacket that's distressed and ripped, one that can double as a short trench coat, or even one that you can wear on its own as a blouse – you can find them everywhere.

Just glancing at Maris' outfit above, you can tell that the one she's wearing is the basic denim jacket that used to be popular in the 90s but is steadily making a comeback in recent seasons. Below are a few options for denim jackets you might like.

Qizhef women's fashion casual Lapel leather denim jacket PHP 1306.00

Here's a faded button-up denim jacket with pockets. It's an extremely versatile style that you can wear over a dress, over a T-shirt (as Maris is doing) or even over a dressy button-up to dress it down a bit.

Women Street Style Turn Down Collar Denim Jackets PHP 1092.00

For a darker option, check out this Street Style Turn Down Collar Denim Jacket. It's a color that's more suited to evening attire because it's darker.

Sesura Floral Delight Denim Jacket PHP 2114.00

And if the whole blue denim jacket look just isn't for you, you can still try out the look with denim of a different color. This Floral Delight Denim Jacket with floral embroidery adds a feminine touch to the denim jacket look.

The Pink Debutante

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For girls Maris' age, pink is an extremely popular color for formal wear. For her appearance on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Maris wore this bright pink tube dress with bow details on the front. And she pairs this with a pair of bubblegum-pink stiletto heels.

How to Get the Look

For this look, we focused on two things: the bright color and the vibe of Maris' dress. Hot pink formal dresses tend to be tougher to come by these days with the popularity of muted and pastel colors. However, we were able to find two dresses that give off the same feel as the dress above.

River Island Frill Side Sleeveless Bodycon Dress PHP 3149.00

Here's a dress in the same color, but instead of having a bow detail, it has frills down the side. And instead of a tube bodice, this one is a halter dress (much more demure if you ask us). But the thing we love about this dress is that it looks so high fashion and yet still wearable to formal occasions.

C1S Sexy Off Shoulder Solid Bodycon Sweater Dress PHP 916.00

For our second option, we opted to combine the bright color with the super popular off-shoulder dress style. This dress has a plain off-shoulder bodice with the same form-fitting style as Maris' dress.

Sofab! Andrew Pumps PHP 1499.00

For the shoes, pink is the way to go with this sleek pair of Andrew Pumps. It's shiny, sleek, and stylish thanks to its elegant design and that tiny gold detail at the heel.

Nose Cherry Blossom Printed Heel Pumps PHP 1879.00

But if you want to take things up a notch with a pair that's as attention-grabbing as your bright pink dress, go for this pair of Cherry Blossom Printed Heel Pumps! After all, who says all the attention should be on your dress?

The Infinity Dress

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Lastly, in this shoot, Maris wears what might be the most versatile formal dress of all – the infinity dress! It's a dress that you can style in multiple ways, which is the reason it's become a staple in many bridal parties.

How to Get the Look

Simply put, all you need is to get a floor-length infinity dress that you can style the way Maris is wearing it above – a sort of hybrid between a cap-sleeve and an off-shoulder style. Below, we've chosen a deep purple infinity dress that can be styled in the same way. And if you happen to not like the style Maris is wearing above, by all means, twist up those panels and get creative with the dress!

French Dolls Infinity Multiway Dress- Floor Length PHP 2850.00

Maris Racal shows us how easy it is to switch from a girl-next-door vibe to a formal, fashion-shoot worthy look!

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