Oct 10, 2018

She Bangs! Get Lovely Fringes Only When You Feel Like It!

You don't need to cut your hair to get those adorable bangs anymore. We'll show you how with a couple of these useful products.

Whether you just bumped into someone with charming full bangs, or you saw your favorite celebrity framing her pretty face with wisps of hair and now you're thinking of getting some for yourself, there's absolutely no reason to run to the nearest salon anymore.

If you're wondering how to get your dream bangs without cutting your hair, we've got the ultimate solution for you right here! These cute items are among the trendiest pieces in the beauty and fashion world today and we want you to try them out.

Bangs or fringes will give you a whole new look if you think you have boring hair. Lucky for you, hair extensions now also come in the style of just "bangs". They're available in all hair colors so there's definitely something perfect for you out there. The most popular colors are of course, black, brown, and light brown. These products can easily be clipped onto your hair to create that adorable, girly look that you might be striving for right now.

You can even adjust the volume of the hair extension if you want to. Create full bangs, add some simple fringes, or just sweep all your hair to the side. The way you style the bangs is all up to you. These stunning fringe extensions can be worn with any outfit too whether it's casual, sporty, or even formal.

Clip on Front Neat Bangs Light Black PHP 105.00

Clip on Front Neat Bangs Light Brown PHP 105.00

Clip on Front Neat Bangs Dark Brown PHP 118.00

If you're looking to add some more volume to your hair, these pieces below will do the trick. Choose a hair color that's similar or at least very close to your own to create a seamless and spectacular hairdo. Add a crown braid, a headband, or a hairclip for a more stylish vibe.

Pin Show - Hair Fringe PHP 640.92

Goldme - Hair Fringe PHP 366.32

DEBE - Hair Bang PHP 464.52

No more haircuts to get full bangs, girlfriend! With these unique and adorable finds, you can sport the fringe-inspired look anytime you want!