Feb 4, 2020 (updated : Jan 18, 2021)

5 Easy and Flirty Hairstyles You Should Try This Valentine's Day

Try them all this V-day!

Do you know that a hairstyle can make or break a look? Surely, you wouldn't want the latter on your Valentine's Day date with your special someone! To avoid having that dilemma on the 14th of February, you should now start looking for a spectacular hairdo that's not only trendy but also easy to recreate. So leave the hairstyle planning to us and help yourself with these 5 hairdos that you can try on your romantic holiday with your special someone.

Half-Up Braided Hairstyle

This V-day, make your bohemian dreams come true. Try a half-up braided hairstyle with a pink ribbon. Why is it useful to incorporate a ribbon to this look? Aside from the fact that the ribbon is a beautiful hair accessory, it will also serve as the third strand for your braid. What's special with this look is that it works well whether you have sleek, straight hair or wavy tresses.

Half Up With Bow

Another hairstyle that requires a bow is the loose half-up style. The regular half-up hairdo is flattering for everyone, regardless of the hair length. And for your information, hairstyles with ribbons make a more feminine and chic look for girls. For this hairstyle, you should let some of the hairs frame the face and integrate soft curls.

Romantic Hair Clips

Too busy to even style your hair in a simple and easy hairdo? Just throw on some hair clips! By incorporating some romantic hair clips on your hair, you can immediately amp up your whole look, thus making your Valentine's Day extra festive. Who would have known that these little accessories such as heart clips, pink barrettes, and sparkly bobby pins could save your day?

Braided Pigtails

The term pigtails in hairstyling refers to splitting your hair into two sections and securing them with elastics at the back or sides of your head. Of course, almost all of us know about this hairstyle as our mothers used to tie our hairs in pigtails when we were younger. Now that we have grown up, let us reminisce about the past and add a twist to the traditional pigtails by braiding both sections. You can also wear a headband for an innocent and youthful flair.

Hammer Bun

An ancient Chinese hairstyle, the hammer bun helps create the illusion of a bigger head. Fun fact: You can make a hammer bun by creating pigtails first. After you have secured the pigtails with elastics, you can start winding around the base until you're left with two buns. For your V-day look, you may want to let some of your hair hang loose.

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your special someone, your family, or your girlfriends, you should dress up and style your hair to look presentable on the day of love!