Oct 16, 2019

You Can Easily Imitate These 5 Pink OOTDs For Empowered Women

In 2019, pink is the color for brave and fierce women.

Ponds recently made an event for women that emphasizes on beauty, empowerment, and independence. The beauty brand initiated the movement #SeeWhatHappens which aims to encourage women to face their fears and hesitations and just see what happens next. The event was graced by five brave and empowered women in the showbiz industry, namely Heart Evangelista, Kathryn Bernardo, Gabbi Garcia, Nadine Lustre, and Ylona Garcia. The five gorgeous celebrities got to share their past doubts and success stories to prove that women can overcome self-doubt and succeed through difficulties.

We are surely encouraged by their heart-warming speeches at the event and left dumbfounded by their pink OOTDs. While pink might be the stereotype of femininity and innocence, the ladies turned the sweet color into something that shouts boldness and fierceness. If you are one of those empowered and fashionable women, you might want to try imitating their pink outfits and add your own flair to it. Check their noteworthy OOTDs here.

Heart Evangelista

The eldest one in the bunch, Heart Evangelista showed that she is a strong and sophisticated woman, thus leaving a pattern for the younger ladies to follow. At the Ponds' event, she looks formal and classic in a custom-made leather vest and skirt designed by Marian Zara.

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Kathryn Bernardo

At a young age, Kathryn Bernardo started to prove her potential in the industry. Now a grown woman, she continues to show her prowess and versatility as an actress. Watch how she looks pretty in pink with a tube top with puff sleeves paired with a high-slit skirt by Martin Bautista.

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Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia may not have the same career pace as her batchmates but she has and is still proving her worth as an actress. Amidst any obstacle, Gabbi is still standing tall and fighting for what she deserves. And she deserves our attention with that old rose satin gown!

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Nadine Lustre

One of the boldest female celebrities in the Philippines, Nadine Lustre is always in pursuit of adventure and wants to be unique. Well, those qualities are a clear indication that Nadine is a modern, empowered woman. We can see that in her choice of outfit- a sexy silk mini dress!

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Ylona Garcia

The newest face of Ponds, Ylona Garcia is one bright and bubbly gal. This confident and brave young lady never hesitated to pursue her dreams, both in singing and acting. She looks sexy with her body-hugging halter dress that emphasized her curves.

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To all the empowered women living in 2019, show off your style by donning these celebrity-inspired pink OOTDs!