May 11, 2020

Your Favorite Pinay Celebrities and Their Tattoo Stories

Be inspired by the stories behind the tattoos of these pinay celebrities!

Getting yourself inked is really a bucket list achieved! Of course, it takes a big step and a lot of courage to do it. You have to be careful in deciding what design to put and what part of your body you would like to have it, especially if you are a first timer. Remember, your tattoo represents you. Whether it is your passion, your favorite flower, your favorite music band, your birthdate, your wedding anniversary date, and even the names of your loved ones. It can be anything. But one thing is for sure. You will not choose that design and let that be inked to your body if it's not something relevant to your life. Your tattoo is all about you.

Still planning for your first or next tattoo? Here, have a look and get some inspiration from your favorite Pinay Celebrities with their amazing tattoos and know the stories behind them.

Nadine Lustre

Last 2018, Nadine revealed the meanings of her two tattoos during her interview with Boy Abunda. The crescent moon tattoo on her right wrist was her first she said. It was inspired from the song Everglow by her one of the favorite bands, Coldplay. She also revealed the story behind the rose tattoo on her right wrist which she had in Los Angeles. It is her favorite flower. This tattoo simply expresses self-love. According to Nadine, whenever she looks at it, she is reminded to not forget to love herself.

She also got a friendship ink along with her BFFs, Lauren Reid, Andrea Luis, and Kiana Valenciano, which they showed in one of the IG posts of Andrea Luis. This is really a cool way of expressing your unconditional love for your friends.

Recently, everyone spotted Nadine getting inked with her new tattoo. She was tagged by Brooklyn Social's IG stories while they were having a tattoo session. The actress got Japanese characters inked on her upper right arm. You can also see these Japanese characters in her Instagram bio, which reads as "Komiya Nozomi", a Japanese name. Japanese-speaking fans talked about it over the internet and explained that it could have multiple meanings, and one of those goes something like "Girl with a dream".

According to a Twitter fan, Nadine has now a total of 10 tattoos on her body. By just looking at those 10 tattoos she had, we can say that she is into small or minimal tattoos. They can be simple but they really look good on her fit and morena body. Nadine is a living proof that you can never have enough tattoos on your body.

Angel Locsin

The ink on her left wrist was written in Hebrew which means "always have and always will" in English. This tattoo of her is the most visible. But did you know that she also had ink painted on the bottom of her spine? This time, it was written in Chinese characters. Until now, the story behind this art is unknown.

Last 2016, Angel had her Hebrew tattoo removed and posted a video of it on her Instagram.

Angelica Panganiban

Another actress who's no stranger to ink is Angelica Panganiban. Her first ever tattoo on the left side of her torso was an elegant text of "para usted y' mi", a Spanish phrase meaning "for you and for me". Last 2017, she had three tattoos on her 31st birthday. She got a letter "a" on her left wrist which stands for her name initial, a flower which she called "lily of the valley", and her birth date "11.4.86" on her right ankle.

Recently, Angelica also got a matching tattoo with her BFFS, Bela Padilla and Kim Chiu, tagging themselves as the #AngBeKi trio. Bela Padilla shared a photo of them smiling proudly sharing the world their friendship inks. The ink is just a simple black dot on their left wrists.

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera-Dantes expressed her love for her husband, Dingdong Dantes, by having a small butterfly tattoo on her back. Dingdong Dantes said he loves butterflies and that this butterfly tattoo symbolizes how much Marian loves him. Way back in August 2012, Dingdong Dantes proposed to Marian at Butterfly Pavilion in Macau. No, it is not a coincidence. Marian did it for the love of her husband.

Anne Curtis

It's Showtime host Anne Curtis has been known to be an ultimate fan of K-drama. And during her visit in South Korea, she got a minimalist tattoo that commemorated their trip, which was a "cross lettering"

Recently, during her visit to promote her award-winning film "BuyBust", Anne got another tattoo. She did not personally talk about the story behind this cute small pink heart on her left wrist.

Cristine Reyes

Having a bold personality, Cristine Reyes exudes her daring self by getting herself inked. Her tattoos are not just the simple and small ones, they are quite big tattoos. She had it both on her arms, signifying her faith and affection for cross necklaces. On her right is a crucifix attached to a rosary while on her left is another crucifix but affixed with hearts.

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia had a creatively drawn tattoo on her back which was revealed to be her own design. The actress said on an interview that the anchor means strength and stability, concealing a cross symbolizing her faith. The heart stands for her loved ones while the butterfly portrays her loving grandmother who raised her. Lastly, the infinity sign on it is a reminder for her that everything she has now will be there always and forever.

As the loving wife of Billy Crawford, Coleen got herself a new tattoo on her right hip, saying "my everything". This small and simple tattoo is her husband's handwriting. Coleen also explained that the handwriting is upside down so she's the only one who can see and read it.

Aside from that, she had also a spontaneous sibling tattoo with her brother, Luis Garcia. They got matching Bart and Lisa Simpson tattoos that look really cute.

Coleen also had a cute pink flamingo tattoo on her right wrist and a beautiful cursive name of Jesus near her left shoulder which clearly depicts her faith.

Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe's big tattoos on both sides of her ribs show her undying love for her late father, Fernando Poe Jr. She had the words "My Wings" and "My Gravity" inked to honor her dad during his first death anniversary.

Just like these celebrities, there should be a reason on why you are having some permanent marks. Again, it can be anything. Anything as long as it is something important or relevant in your life.