Oct 5, 2020

8 Photo Apps That Your Favorite Korean Celebrities Use For Their Instagram Feeds

Do you use any of these apps? If not, they're definitely worth a try!!

If you are from the country that's famous for beauty and skincare products and you have envy-worthy skin, what do you do? Of course, you would take thousands of selfies! When it comes to selfies, we already know who are the world experts— the Koreans. Let them have your phone and they immediately know how to pose as well as how to get the right camera angle and lighting. They also know what the best selfie apps are among the slew of camera apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store as they love to modify and embellish their selfies with cute stickers according to their liking. Instead of flying to Korea to ask someone from the country about their selfie secrets, why not read this article and let these popular Korean artists impart their favorite selfie apps with us? So without further ado, let's check out the 8 best selfie apps for your Instagram pictures that Korean celebrities love to use.


The B612 app gained popularity because of its cute bunny ears filter. But, it has more to offer for selfie junkies like you. This selfie app offers advanced filters and lets the user enhance and edit his or her selfies. For instance, you can modulate the V-line of your face so you can get a slimmer face. You can also make use of the facial beauty correction feature that will give you an utterly flawless look and a soft-focus complexion. You can make a photo collage with this app, too! The B612 app also has good video features. It allows you to shoot regular videos as well as slow-motion ones and add soundtracks to it. To top it all off, the app offers a bunch of cute and adorable stickers! Among the celebrities that love B612 is the Korean girl group BLACKPINK.


As what its name suggests, the Foodie app's main purpose is for taking pictures of food and editing food photos to make them look more delicious and enticing. However, this camera app transformed into one of the top selfie apps in Korea because of its diverse range of photo-enhancing filters and photo-editing tools such as blur, crop, contrast, sharpen, and color adjustment. It also allows you to shoot photos and videos at a 9:16 ratio. Jeong Eun-Ji from the Korean girl group Apink is a fan of the Foodie app. We love how the app made the photo of her below look vibrant yet soft-looking. No wonder, she likes it so much!

Gudak Cam

The name of the app Gudak is derived from the Korean word "gudakdari," which means outdated. Living up to its name, the Gudak Cam provides a throwback experience to its users. It offers retro filters and lets you edit your photos so it looks vintage. You can try different camera effects such as light leaks, vignettes, dust, and scratches for that 80s vibe you are going for. What's more interesting about this app is that it gives you a roll of 24 photos to begin with. When you are finished with your roll of "film," the app will make you wait 3 days while the film "develops," just like it used to be in the pre-Internet era. This Korean selfie app is very popular among K-pop idols like Sunmi. Check out her vintage photo below.


Kirakira actually means "glittering" in Japanese. The KiraKira+ app provides sparkling effects to your photos and videos. So if you are going for an all-out glittery look or just want to add extra bling to your selfies, the KiraKira+ app is the best option for you. Aside from that, this selfie app packs a lot of other camera filters that also create a magical effect to your shots. Adding glamour to your pictures has never been so easy! It's no surprise that Korean celebrities like Irene Kim have tried using this app.


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that has gained global popularity. Because it is a messaging application, it offers a variety of services such as sharing your location with friends and more. Through this app, you can create multimedia messages—a photo or a short video that can be edited to include filters, captions, and drawings. We included this app in this list because it has a selfie feature that became popular among Korean celebrities—the baby filter. The singer and actress Lee Ji-eun or most commonly known as IU has joined in the fun and posted a photo of her looking like a baby, thanks to Snapchat.


Just like Snapchat, the SNOW app offers animated selfie filters and adorable stickers. The only difference is that the latter has the added function of AR makeup to allow the user to contour, add color to lips and cheeks, and draw in the eyebrows. SNOW has the best complexion-smoothing filters among all selfie apps and the widest array of stickers that are updated on a daily basis. It also comes with unique frames and seasonal filters and you will be able to save files as GIFs. Because of its easy editing tools and tons of features, SNOW is the favorite selfie app of many K-pop idols, including TWICE's Tzuyu. She certainly looks beautiful in her photo captured through the SNOW app.


The SODA app gained a lot of Korean users last year. Well, this selfie application offers a collection of neat and smooth effects that are great for daily use. It also comes with refreshing color filters that look natural on your photos. It has portrait or selective focus mode and you can manually adjust the blue after taking pictures. Moreover, SODA provides high-quality photos so you won't have blurry pics ever again! Kim Hee-chul, together with ITZY members, posed for a photo taken using the SODA app.


Granted, you have found a selfie app that you like. The only problem is, you don't know how to pose properly for a selfie. Thankfully, the Ulike app offers more than 200 pose guides for you to follow. It also has 80 makeup filters available. With this app, you can make fine adjustments in your photos from a scale of 0 to 100 and pick the best face shape for you without liquefying your look too much. The Ulike app is also known for its feminine design and adorable stickers. The members of the girl group GFRIEND have tried taking photos using the Ulike app and they all looked gorgeous.

Download these selfie apps to your phone and see which one works best for you. Don't forget to share your cute selfies with your friends!