Dec 2, 2019

Here's How to Rock Layered Outfits like Your Girl, Mimiyuuuh

Aside from being our source of comedic relief, Mimiyuuuh could also be our fashion inspiration when it comes to layering clothes!

Unless you're not very active on social media, you should probably know by now the newest darling of the Internet Mimiyuuuh. Your girl, Mimiyuuuh, is the legend behind the viral Dalagang Pilipina Challenge which requires you to create "pabebe poses" as if your crush is looking at you. The Internet sensation never failed to make us laugh out loud with every video he posts on his YouTube channel. However, not many people know that Mimiyuuuh is a Fashion Design and Merchandising graduate. That explains why he always shows off unique OOTDs, usually made up of various fashion items layered on top of each other. If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to layering outfits, Mimiyuuuh can be your go-to style guru. Check out some of his best OOTDs below.

The Polka Dots

When Mimiyuuuh became viral on the internet and rose to popularity, endorsement offers also came pouring in. He is now an endorser of the biggest mall chain SM's fashion items for women and young girls. In the picture, he is wearing a black polka dot long sleeve topped with a polka dot dress and silver boots.

How To Copy This Look:

The Sea Explorer

Sponsored by yet another company, the cosmetics brand Careline, Mimiyuuuh is photographed near the sea on a sunny day while he's wearing the Careline Soft Suede Lipstick in Fire shade. He is again donned in layered clothing - a beige dress topped with a spaghetti-strapped crop top, paired off with white boots.

How To Copy This Look:

The Cool Street Chic

Mimiyuuuh decided to bring the prestigious New York Fashion Week to the streets of Makati by dressing stylishly and posing like a supermodel. To achieve his model-like look, he wore a top with leopard prints layered with a red jacket, paired with beige cargo pants and his favorite silver boots. The overall look was captured using his OPPO A9 phone.

How To Copy This Look:

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Loose But Stylish

We can't deny that Mimiyuuuh is really good at playing with clothes. He could turn any item, no matter how simple it may be, into something unique and fashionable. See how he wears that simple white long-sleeve together with loose denim jeans and silver boots. The way he opts to wear a black cropped top over his upper clothing shows that he's a pro!

How To Copy This Look:

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Mimiyuuuh's choice of outfits inspired us to be brave and play with clothing items. He is the living proof that it doesn't hurt to wear something that seems out of the norm. Always remember that when choosing what to wear, consider whether you are comfortable or not. If you can find comfort with Mimiyuuuh's OOTDs, feel free to incorporate them with your existing wardrobe!