Nov 6, 2019

Let Our New Darna Jane De Leon Teach You Fashion Basics

Before Jane De Leon wears the iconic Darna costume, let us first discuss her cute laidback outfits.

Following the backing out of Liza Soberano from the Darna project due to finger injury, ABS-CBN immediately opened the auditions for the iconic role. Out of almost 300 celebrities that tried their luck to become the next Darna, Jane De Leon was chosen. If you don't know yet, the 20-year-old actress has already starred in various TV projects including the primetime series "Halik" where she portrayed the role of Jericho Rosales' younger sister Maggie. Also, she is a member of the all-girl group Girltrends of the noontime show "It's Showtime." Certainly, she was casted because of her innocent beauty and notable acting prowess.

Since her appointment as the new Darna, all eyes are set on Jane De Leon. People are thinking about whether she can give justice to the role of the iconic Filipina heroine. Well, it's too early to judge considering that we still haven't seen the movie on the big screen yet. While most people see Jane De Leon as Darna, we see her as Jane herself. And we can't help but notice her stylish OOTDs that are worth imitating. Check them all out here.

Classy Chic

Jane De Leon looks chic with that ribbed sleeveless top, distressed jeans, denim jacket, and heels. For picture-taking purposes, you can choose to just carry the jacket instead of wearing it. Also, don't forget to wear your sunglasses!

How To Sport This Look?

Edgy Queen

When it comes to sporting the latest fashion trends, Jane De Leon doesn't disappoint. With such visuals, she can look good in any outfit. Watch how she slays in a black long-sleeved top and a pair of ripped jeans.

How To Sport This Look?

Sexy Wanderer

On her visit to the beautiful Camiguin Island, Jane De Leon made sure that she looked her best during her travels. She flaunted her flat stomach and a flawless pair of legs by wearing a sexy halter top and distressed shorts.

How To Sport This Look?

Vertical Fun

In case you don't know yet, horizontal lines create the illusion of width while vertical lines create height. Jane really knows how to play with lines when it comes to choosing her outfit. She chose to wear trousers printed with vertical lines to make her legs look longer. And those pants paired with a tube top is really something!

How To Sport This Look?

Pretty in Floral

When you're as blooming and pretty as Jane, you probably prefer wearing floral outfits. The floral prints on her off-shoulder top greatly resemble her as a person - fresh, young, and beautiful. She chose to pair the floral top with a high-waist, acid-washed skirt.

How To Sport This Look?

If you are very excited to see the iconic Darna character come back to life through Jane De Leon, know that we are as excited as you are, too!