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Mar 11, 2020

7 Best Colors to Wear for Morena Skin

Check out how these colors look on your favorite morena celebs!

One of the things we consider the most when buying a new clothing piece is the color. While our girl friends with lighter skin tones can pretty much wear any color, we morenas have to exert more effort in finding the perfect shades that will flatter our sun-kissed complexion. However, we don't have to worry as our favorite morena celebrities have given us outfit inspos and classic fashion tips through their Instagram feeds. Now, let's see what colors look good on them and be ready to steal their OOTDs!


Whatever your skin tone, black will always look flattering on you. This is especially true if you are a morena because black can make you look lighter and bring out the gold tones in your dark complexion. Time to don in an all-black ensemble like Kathryn Bernardo!


Considering that black makes us look lighter, people readily assume that white outfits could make us look the other way around. Well, that's not true. In fact, white clothes provide a fresh and clean look that can make your skin look richer. It can be a great contrast to sun-kissed skin.

Light Gray

So we've mentioned black and white. Now, it's time to give some attention to what's in between those colors: Gray. There are different shades of gray so you still have to be very picky in choosing the perfect shade for your skin tone. For deep skin tones, opt for a light or dove gray because it elicits a softer contrast against your complexion. Ylona Garcia can surely testify to this bold claim!

Shades of Brown

Yeah, we already got brown skin, but why should we still wear shades of brown? The answer is that Earth tones, including brown, look good on us! To avoid going overboard, mix and match lighter shades like cream and darker yet muted brown hues. As a reference, have a look at Gabbi Garcia's airport outfit in Taiwan.

Olive Green

Deep olive green, which is also known as kale, is another hue that's best suited for morenas. If you want a pop of color that's still on the earthy side, dark green clothes, such as the one worn by Maris Racal, would be a flattering pick.

Bright Yellow

Who says that morenas can't wear bright colors? While most bright hues do make the skin look dull, wearing a well-chosen yellow outfit could actually accentuate your complexion as it can help make your skin look alive and glowing. Sanya Lopez is one of those morena celebs we look up to and watch how she slays in that bright yellow dress.

Navy Blue

Are you going to a girls' night out with your friends? Settle for darker colors such as navy blue as they are said to accentuate your figure. Plus, dark blues look good on brown-skinned girls. Look how Vivoree Esclito rocked a navy blue top matched with a different shade of blue!

Thanks to these morena celebs, we were able to appreciate and love our unique complexion even more!

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