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Mar 1, 2021

Mom Jeans 101: What They Are And How To Style Them

The mom jeans trend is one of the many fashion trends from the 90s that is now back in 2021 to reclaim its lost glory. What are they exactly and what can you wear with them? Find out in this article!

No doubt, we love the re-emergence of all things 90s fashion. If you are a 90s baby, you surely remember the beauty and fashion trends from back in the day such as glossy lips, adorable fanny packs, cute scrunchies, and comfy mom jeans. Good news: They are making a comeback in 2021 and it doesn't seem that they are going anywhere anytime soon! However, we will only be talking about mom jeans today. Well, who would not love this straight leg, loosely-fitted denim with a relaxed yet chic appearance?

Mom jeans are also easy to mix and match with almost everything in your closet and are suitable for many occasions. Whether you have secured a pair of mom jeans from a second-hand store or inherited one from your mom, you would surely love to wear them forever. But before anything else, let's have a closer look at the definition of mom jeans.

What Are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are often characterized by their cinched high waist, long zipper, and straight cut. This type of denim trouser offers a baggy leg that creates a relaxed yet feminine silhouette. Wearing mom jeans also creates an illusion of being taller or having longer legs. These typically come in the classic blue color. Modern iterations of this denim trend offer mom jeans in various hues such as black and acid wash. We have also seen ripped and distressed mom jeans which equally look fashionable as their vintage counterparts with no rips or tears in the fabric.

Because mom jeans sit on your waist, they are comfortable to wear and look flattering for many body shapes. However, they look the best on women with hourglass body shapes as mom jeans do a fine job in accentuating female curves. And yes, you do not have to be a mom to wear mom jeans! Women of all ages can try on this trendy denim and appreciate how comfortable it feels and how stylish it looks. On top of it all, mom jeans are the perfect option for a brunch date or a night out with your friends.

Mom Jeans vs. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans

You may be wondering by now if mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are the same types of denim trousers. The clear answer is NO. The difference between the two lies in the cut. Mom jeans are known to have a high waist and are loose-fitted on the legs. Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, offer a slouchy feel and the bagginess is often concentrated around the crotch area.

How about girlfriend jeans? Well, it is roughly just a more feminine version of the boyfriend jean. It features a tighter fit on the hips, a tapered slim straight leg, and little to no slouch. This is the best option for girls who think that boyfriend jeans are too baggy.

If you are going after boyfriend jeans, you should consider your body size and shape. Petite girls should choose slim-cut boyfriend jeans while curvier girls should opt for a tapered or skinny leg version so it doesn't look too bulky.

Now that we have refreshed your denim knowledge, it's time to check out how to style mom jeans based on different categories. You would surely love the stylish outfit ideas below!

How to Style Mom Jeans Based on Color


Black has always been the color for sophistication and elegance. It is also a color that symbolizes rebellion and uniqueness. That being said, black mom jeans exude a classy yet edgy vibe. This denim works well with any outfit in your wardrobe and fits a wide range of occasions. Plus, the black color offers a slimming effect for a flawless look. You can pair your black mom jeans with a tucked-in white or red bodysuit and layer a cute cardigan over it for a sexy look.

If you are looking to build an edgy ensemble, you can go all-black or wear a stylish leather jacket over a black and white outfit. In the cold months, you can choose to wear an oversized sweater or hoodie with black mom jeans. The outfit options for black mom jeans are endless so feel free to experiment with anything you have in your closet.

Dark Blue

Since the birth of denim jeans, we have seen dark blue options that are considered a winner when it comes to versatility and style. This must-have clothing item, dark blue jeans, are found in almost every girl's wardrobe. Dark blue mom jeans offer the same versatility and are the go-to option for women who want to wear something that exudes a laidback and effortless vibe. A classic and timeless piece of a casual get-up, dark blue mom jeans are easy to dress up or down depending on the event you are going to.

For an everyday look, you can wear your dark blue mom jeans with a black graphic T-shirt or crop top. You can also wear a solid-colored button-down shirt with this type of trousers if you are headed to an occasion with a professional or business setting.

Light Blue

Do you love dark blue mom jeans? You may also adore its light-colored counterpart. Light blue mom jeans add a fresh and summery twist to your casual ensemble. However, light blue mom jeans are often worn with the wrong upper garments.

The safest way to go with this color is to pair it with something white, maybe a white shirt, crop top, or blouse. The next step is to wear an oversized blazer over it to step up your fashion game. If you are going the edgy route, you can try a double denim look by wearing a denim jacket with a different shade of blue.

Light blue mom jeans are perfect to wear to the office as much as they're perfect to wear to a brunch date. There are really a lot of ways to rock light blue mom jeans so don't be afraid to have fun and experiment a little with whatever you have in your closet.

Acid Wash

An 80s fashion trend that's emerging again in 2021, acid wash jeans are known to spice up basic articles of clothing because of their quirky design. Acid wash mom jeans feature lighter and bleached color splashes across the denim thanks to a chemical called chlorine, which makes its style a lot more interesting than the basic blue mom jeans. Also, the latest iterations of acid wash jeans are more refined and sophisticated than its predecessor back in the 80s era.

Pair your acid wash mom jeans with a plain white T-shirt to make the former the highlight of your outfit. You can also choose to wear a tie-dye top and neon accessories with acid wash mom jeans for a nostalgic vibe. Don't hesitate to play with the outfits you have in possession and see if it matches well with your acid wash mom jeans.

How to Style Mom Jeans Based on Design


Ready to spice up your traditional mom jeans? You can do so by adding a few rips. Whether you have made a single tear or a series of shreds on the fabric, guaranteed that you will look cool in your mom jeans. This hassle-free daytime look can easily be switched up for a winter look by donning fishnets or lace tights underneath your ripped mom jeans. This will keep you warm while still looking edgy and stylish. As for the top, you can sport an equally-distressed top or slip on a black top for a casual look perfect for an outing with friends. You may also choose to add a cardigan or sweater for the cold months.


While mom jeans are already quite baggy, there are versions that feature a baggier silhouette. These mom jean iterations feature a tapered waist and wider legs, thus offering a comfortable feel for the wearer. You can avoid going overboard with this denim trouser if you keep the proportions in mind and wear a tight top to balance its bagginess. Add an oversized jacket or hoodie in the mix and high heels to lengthen your legs and you're good to go! Baggy mom jeans exude a laidback yet feminine vibe that is ideal for an everyday look. You can also go the safe route by wearing a white T-shirt and matching white sneakers.

How to Style Mom Jeans Based on Style

Double Denim

When wearing double denim, you should always put in mind that just a little fashion mistake would go a long way. That being said, heed these fashion tips for sporting double denim and you will look stylish without going overboard. Choose dark-hued mom jeans and pair them with a dark-colored denim jacket to maintain consistency.

However, you should make sure that they are not too matchy-matchy by having some variation between your denim jacket and mom jeans. Because you are going for a double denim look, you should keep everything else subtle and low-key. To do this, you can throw in a plain shirt or tank top underneath your jacket and finish off the look with casual and simple shoes.


The easiest way to rock mom jean is to wear what people wore with it during its prime years. For your information, the mom jean trend was born in the 80s but it did not really emerge into the spotlight until the 90s. If you want to look like you are from the 80s, pair your mom jeans with a sweater or a blouse with a quirky print and chunky boots. You can also add a blazer with shoulder pads to achieve the ultimate 80s look.

For the 90s look, you can wear your mom jeans with an oversized printed shirt or turtleneck. Complete your 90s ensemble with a pair of kitten heels or chunky sneakers. Don't forget to play with fun colors and geometric patterns if you are after a retro and vintage look!

Plus Size

While some may think that mom jeans are the most unflattering jeans of all, they are wrong. In fact, mom jeans are suitable for almost all body types. Curvy girls would surely love mom jean because of their loose fit that creates the illusion of having an hourglass body shape. Its high waist feature elongates your legs so you look taller. To get the best out of mom jeans, opt for one that is dark-colored. The black color offers a slimming effect that curvy girls will surely love. Now, what should you wear with your dark-hued mom jeans? Wear a slim-fitting shirt or bodysuit to highlight your beautiful curves and add a statement belt to cinch your waist. Finish up this look with a pair of heels or wedges to receive some additional height and to elongate your figure even more.

Shoes That Go Well With Mom Jeans


Sneakers are no doubt, every girl's go-to footwear. Sneakers, especially those white, low-cut ones, are the best shoes to wear with your mom jeans because of how they are shaped. To further show off your sneakers, you can opt to roll up the hemline of your mom jeans a little or you can just pick cuffed or cropped mom jeans. Regarding the top, you can settle on a white shirt that's tucked inside the jeans for a cool and fresh casual ensemble that you can freely wear every day or when running errands.


While sneakers could be the first thing that comes to mind when wearing mom jeans, boots come in second. Mom jeans + boots combination creates a fresh and modern look that is perfect to wear for casual occasions. Boots are what you need if you are looking for footwear that would spice up your outfit and doesn't look too laidback and relaxed. Mom jeans paired with boots exude a seamless and chic vibe, especially if you throw in some blazer or leather jacket to complete your ensemble.

Stiletto Pumps

Stiletto pumps or just heels of any kind would bring your bland mom jean look to something extraordinary and stunning. Mom jeans create the illusion of a longer leg because of their high-waistline. Heels would also do their job of lengthening your leg further by providing a few additional inches to your height. Aside from that, stilettos or heels can add instant spice to your mom jean ensemble to make it sexier and more chic. And yes, you can wear this look from day to night, and even to professional and business settings!


Are you after a sophisticated workwear look? Pair your mom jeans with a white button-up and loafers! Loafers have been among the top flat shoes to wear with mom jeans because they pack a retro and vintage feel that greatly complements the old-school vibe of denim. This cool girl look is guaranteed to make you look trendy and stylish but still not overly-casual nor overly-formal. Well, all we need is balance in our lives and in our fashion choices!

We hope that this article has helped you to understand how to rock mom jeans in 2021. Trust me, once you start wearing mom jeans, you'll never go back to skinny jeans or anything else. This versatile and timeless piece of clothing will surely be among your go-to denim!