Sep 16, 2020

18 Minimalist Flower Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Nadine Lustre's New Lotus Tattoo

Flower tattoos are elegant and feminine, but carry different meanings depending on the flower. Read on to see what kind of minimalist flower tattoos you could try as a beginner!

According to research, most people get tattoos to mark a significant experience or express themselves through body art. The famous actress Nadine Lustre shares the same sentiment when it comes to tattoos. She has several tattoos on different parts of her body—each one having a personal meaning or symbolism. In the previous years, Nadine revealed that she had a rose tattoo on her right wrist because it is her favorite flower and it symbolizes self-love. According to her, the rose tattoo always reminds her to never forget to love herself.

Just recently, the multi-talented artist had a new tattoo on her upper arm. The brand-new tattoo is a large lotus flower. Taking reference from the book "No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering" by the Vietnamese author Thich Nhat Hanh, the lotus flower reminds her that without mud, a lotus flower cannot grow, which means that people must acknowledge their pain and suffering to truly obtain happiness.

By looking at Nadine's tattoos, we can see that she really loves flower-inspired pieces. Well, we can't blame her as delicate flowers really look beautiful as tattoos. They are among the most popular and meaningful tattoos for women, and they are totally on-trend right now! If you want to combine femininity and edginess, you can do so by having flower tattoos like Nadine Lustre. Here are 18 minimalist flower tattoo ideas for beginners that could express who you are.

Trendy and Minimalist Flower Tattoo Ideas


If you are born in January, your birth flower is the carnation. The carnation has become associated with Mother's Day and Women's Day. This flower has many colors and each of them has distinct symbols. For example, the white carnation is a symbol of purity and devotion while the red one represents passion and love. Pink carnations are associated with the love the mother has for her child. The yellow carnation is often related to jealousy, contempt, and rejection while purple carnations are the representation of our personal dreams and fantasies.


Also known as the narcissus flower, the daffodil is regarded as one of the most joyful and cheery flowers on the planet. Because the golden yellow daffodil tends to be the first one to bloom in the springtime after the long, cold, and dark winter months, it became a symbol of optimism and hope. The daffodil is also associated with rebirth and renewal. In Ancient Greece, where the legend of Narcissus came from, they viewed the flower as a reminder to not be overly obsessed with an illusion or unrequited love and to avoid being too vain. The daffodil flower tattoo is the perfect choice for women who are hopeful or want to be reminded thereof.


In Norse mythology, daisies are associated with Freya, the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. That being said, daisies rightly represent motherhood and new beginnings. They also symbolize loyalty, love, patience, and purity. With its soft and pure white petals, the daisy is a good choice for a flower tattoo if you are a new mother. Having his tattoo could signify the arrival of your precious one and serve as a memory of that joyous moment. Another good thing about daisy tattoos is that they are versatile and highly decorative. You can add a custom design to this tattoo or leave the flower design as it is, depending on your preference.


While the dandelion isn't regarded as pretty compared to other flowers, it has a unique beauty that captivated us since we were children. As a child, we were amazed at how the fluffy dandelion seeds magically float in the air. Because of that, the dandelion rightly represents youth and joy. This beautiful yet 'easily-blown-by-the-wind' flower that grows from a plain yet strong weed also symbolizes the tenacity and fragility of life. The dandelion should remind us all to cherish every moment before it's gone.


In Victorian times, forget-me-not flowers were often given as a symbol of devotion and loyalty. These tiny blue flowers that bloom in spring also represent beauty, elegance, and eternal love. The forget-me-not flower would be the best option if you want to have a matching tattoo with your best friend or special someone. This tattoo idea also appeals to those who have lost a loved one and want to remember that individual for eternity. This unforgettable symbol will look great when inked on a place where you will be able to always see it, such as the wrist, hand, finger, or forearm.


The name of the gladiolus flower comes from the Latin word "gladius," which means "sword." The gladiolus grows in a long and pointed shape that resembles a sword, thus the name. This flower represents strength, integrity, sincerity, and honesty. While these traits aren't only connected to femininity, women can still enjoy having this tattoo as it looks delicate. This tattoo can serve as a good luck weapon when facing the possibility of death and was worn by warriors in ancient times. Because of the form of the gladiolus flower, it can be tattooed on the long and narrow parts of the body, such as the leg, thigh, or arm.


The hibiscus is a beautiful flower that bears a lot of symbolism depending on the place. In Hawaii, the hibiscus represents hospitality and respect. In South Korea, this flower symbolizes eternity and immortality. In China, the hibiscus is associated with prosperity and fame. In North America, it represents the perfect woman or wife. Given its diverse meaning and symbolism, the hibiscus flower is an ideal tattoo choice for every woman, regardless of her background and status. If you want to always remember that enjoyable tropical holiday vacation you had, having a hibiscus flower tattoo would remind you of that experience too.


Associated with royalty, wisdom, and courage, the iris flower is often connected to the Greek goddess Iris who is the personification of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods. This regal-looking purple flower is often planted on women's graves so that they could be sent to the heavens. That being said, having an iris flower tattoo could serve as a tribute to a female loved one who has already passed away, maybe a grandmother, mother, or aunt. The iris flower is also a symbol of hope, faith, and passion, perfect for gals who are working hard towards their dreams and ambitions.


The jasmine flower has a strong smell that appears sweet and captivating to some while causing dizziness to others. Despite people's varying receptions of the scent of jasmine, it is still one of the most popular flowers in the world. The white iteration of jasmine is often associated with purity and innocence. Because the name of this flower means "gift from God," having it tattooed on your body to represent the birth of your child would be meaningful.


In Greek mythology, lilies are said to have sprouted from the spilled milk of the goddess Hera. Because of that, this flower is highly revered in Ancient Greece and was made as ornaments or decorations. They regard the lily as a symbol of motherhood and rebirth. In China, lilies are associated with good luck and eternal love. Before choosing what lily tattoo to go for, you must know that different lily colors have various meanings. For example, white represents purity and modesty, pink symbolizes compassion and admiration, and yellow is a symbol of joy.


As what was mentioned earlier, the lotus flower is the newest tattoo of Nadine Lustre. It is said to symbolize triumph over adversity, as the lotus breaks the mud to grow into a beautiful flower. Aside from that, the lotus flower also represents purity and beauty. In Buddhism, the blooming petals of the lotus symbolize the opening of the heart or spiritual awakening. The lotus flower tattoo is the favorite design of those who practice yoga because it greatly reminds them of the enlightenment they get from the activity.


In contrast to its delicate beauty, the magnolia is an extremely tough flower. Because it has a strong appearance and fragrance, this flower is often associated with perseverance, endurance, dignity, and long life. With such a classic beauty and wide symbolism, magnolias are among the most popular floral designs in tattoo parlors. If you are a woman who wants to exude a beautiful yet strong aura, the magnolia flower tattoo would be the best choice for you. It could also signify how tough you are as a woman, despite facing multiple challenges.


Peonies don't only look beautiful and romantic; they also have a long life. That being said, it's no surprise that this flower with ruffled petals is frequently used in weddings. In China, the red peony symbolizes royalty, honor, wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. In fact, the peony flower is the official emblem of the country and is held in very high regard. It also has a local Chinese moniker that translates to "most beautiful." We have seen a lot of peony flower tattoo iterations, from minimalist designs to lavish and colorful ones, and they all look equally stunning.


While the poppy flower is vibrant and colorful, it has been used as a symbol of peace, sleep, and even death. In ancient mythology, poppies serve as an offering to the dead to help them have a peaceful journey in the afterlife. This pretty flower is also used as a special marker on tombstones. Fast forward to the modern-day, the poppy flower is most commonly used to commemorate soldiers who have died in wars. Having a poppy flower tattoo could be a tribute to friends or relatives who have served in the armed forces and gave their lives for their country.


Since ancient times, the rose had been a popular flower choice. The Ancient Greeks associated the flower with the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite and it was highly regarded because of its various symbolism. The red rose represents passionate and romantic love that cannot be affected by time or even death. The pink rose symbolizes gratitude, grace, and joy. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and happiness. The white rose is associated with purity and loyalty and is often used in weddings. Always remember that whatever color rose you choose, it will be able to express your inner persona like what it did with Nadine Lustre.


The national flower of Japan, the cherry blossom or sakura only blooms for up to two weeks under ideal conditions. Because the sakura doesn't live for very long, it perfectly represents the transience and beauty of life. The beauty and grace of this flower are related to femininity and tranquility. You can have a sakura flower tattoo to celebrate life after getting healed from a deadly illness or to honor a lost loved one. It can also serve as a reminder of how fleeting life can be and to always live life to the fullest while you still have it.


A popular flower tattoo among women, the tulip symbolizes beauty, tenderness, and optimism. In Europe, this flower is associated with reputation, honor, and respect. The red tulip is a symbol of passion and true love while the yellow one means unrequited and hopeless love. Depending on the color, the tulip flower tattoo could serve as a reminder of a lost friend or represent a friendship. Feel free to get matching tulip flower tattoos with your best friend!


The deep symbolism roots of violets can be traced back to early Christianity. "Our Lady of Modesty" has also been called Viola odorata, which is why these delicate purple flowers are associated with Mary's devotion and her humble nature. It also symbolizes spiritual connections and protection. In classical art, violets represent insight. Today, this flower is a symbol of glamour, beauty, and extravagance. Many have chosen to have this flower tattooed on their body because of its religious history and spiritual representation.

Among these 18 flower tattoo ideas, which one represents your personality the most? Once you have made the choice, have yourself inked to express yourself freely!

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