Nov 25, 2019

7 Lazy Girl Outfits Every Female Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Are you feeling tired and want to just be lazy for a day? Your wardrobe doesn't have to suffer with you! Here are some outfits that don't require a huge effort.

Although girls are known as multi-taskers, we also get fed up with everything that happens in our daily lives. Because of that, there are days that we just want to lay in bed and be lazy. If you are on your lazy day, it doesn't mean you would also have to be lazy in choosing what to wear. You can successfully keep a balance between style and comfort with as little effort as possible. Here are 7 lazy girl fashion trends that will make you look cute and polished.


On a lazy day, the last thing you might want to do is mix and match fashion pieces. In that case, jumpsuits have got you covered! Jumpsuits are fun to wear and make you look fashionable without exerting too much effort. You just have to slip it on and you're good to go!

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If you like jumpsuits, but are living in a hot and humid country like the Philippines, you can make a switch from jumpsuits to rompers. Rompers are basically mini jumpsuits. They are easy to slip on and are perfect for warmer days.

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Denim Overall

Want to skip your uncomfortable skinny jeans? You can, with the help of denim overall. It serves as the perfect denim alternative for your trousers. Layer it over a loose sweater or a sexy crop top and you will look stylish for the day!

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T-shirt and Shorts

The basic go-to outfit of almost any lazy girl, T-shirt and shorts outfit combination made it up to this list. This fashion trend only requires minimal mix and matching task which is why it is one of our favorite outfit combos. You can easily switch up your look using different tops and shorts with stylish detailing such as rips and embroideries.

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T-shirt Dress

One of the easiest lazy girl outfits is the T-shirt dress. No one can deny that it is comfortable to wear due to its loose nature and can be paired effortlessly with any other fashion piece such as a cardigan. You can also have your choice of footwear, whether wedges or a pair of sneakers.

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Maxi Skirt

Haven't shaved your legs for days? Maxi shirts are here to save the day! They are easy to wear and needless to say, looks chic and stylish. Pair it with your favorite top and you will be sporting bohemian vibes all over you!

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Jogger Pants

Created to offer comfort to its wearer, jogger pants are usually made with loose and breathable fabric. They are originally meant for jogging, but are now incorporated into the modern lazy girl outfits. You can look sporty and edgy with minimal effort thanks to jogger pants.

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Grab these fashion pieces now so you can be effortlessly stylish!