Oct 11, 2018

Let Julia Barretto's Slip Dress Inspire You To Get Your Own

Whether you're a fan of Julia Barretto or not, you have to admit that she looked absolutely stunning during the ABS-CBN Ball.

She might have done something here as she wore a golden slip dress barely covering enough skin on the back and even on the front. She confidently walked down the red carpet in this beautiful dress which consequently may have inspired some of you to try this style too.

Now there are certain items in a woman's wardrobe that should always be present. This includes a little black dress for parties, a shirt and a pair of jeans for a casual outfit, blazers for formal events and you may not be aware of it, but you definitely need a slip dress. It's simply essential in every woman's closet.

We've found the perfect slip dresses that will suit you and your personality best.

How to Get the Look?

Check out this shiny silver slip dress donned with sequins all over. It's made of polyester material and has thin spaghetti straps. It's also backless and very easily worn. This dress is perfect for your girls' night out every now and then. It perfectly accentuates your figure and covers just enough skin on your chest to stay modest and yet reveals your sexy back.

You'll be having the attention of every guy (and girl) in the club for sure.

Rosegal Sequins Backless Mini Slip Tight Sheath Club Dress USD 16.01 (approx. PHP 870)

For my boho girls, who want a little more style than just a simple slip dress, then this tassels flapper summer slip dress is for you. It can also double as a camisole and this is perfect for those hipster music festivals that you love to attend. Add a jacket or scarf and you're good to go, honey.

Rosegal Tassels Flapper Summer Slip Dress USD 5.99 (approx. PHP 325)

Another one for my boho girls out there is this lace trim bohemian slip dress. It's orange and it compliments any skin color. It's a little bit more modest. In fact, you can wear this during your summer trips with your family because it covers enough skin but also gives you a lot of ventilation to avoid getting heat stroke or something.

Also, wearing this will make you feel like you're attending Coachella and sipping mimosas with Vanessa Hudgens.

Rosegal Lace Trim Bohemian Slip Dress USD 13.77 (approx. PHP 750)

Last but definitely not the least on our list is this knitted ribbed slip mini dress. Its description says it's going to be your first choice to dress up within the early summer months and isn't that just accurate?

This knitted dress will compliment any body type with its A-line silhouette and the cute spaghetti strap tied in a ribbon right at the top of your shoulders is really the selling point of this dress. It's cute and sexy at the same time. Wear it with tan sandals or heels and it's already perfect for one of your summer dates.

ZAFUL Knitted Ribbed Slip Mini Dress USD 16.99 (approx. PHP 920)

Now we hope this entire list convinced you to buy your own slip dress because as we have pointed out, this is an essential part of your wardrobe. If it hasn't, just look at Julia and how good she looked in it, even during a ball where everybody wore body-length gowns, she managed to still stand out and outshine people.