Dec 27, 2019

5 Tips On How To Wear A Midi Dress If You Have A Petite Figure

Don't let your cute stature prevent you from being on-trend!

Yes, you've read it right! There are tips on how to wear a midi dress if you are quite short in stature. Before anything else, though, let's discuss, what is a midi dress? A midi dress has its skirt going down from the waist to the area halfway between the knee and the ankle. Due to its length, midi dresses might not look as good on short girls as on taller girls. However, don't let this prevent you from wearing one. Just follow these 5 dressing tips so you can slay in your midi dress game regardless of your height!

Tip 1: Choose The Right Midi Dress Length For Your Height

The right midi dress length for a petite gal is slightly-above or below mid-calf. A midi dress with this length creates the illusion of a longer dress. Don't wear a midi dress with a hem that ends exactly on mid-calf, as this will just accentuate the thickest part of your legs.

Tip 2: Don't Forget To Wear Heels!

For long dress types such as the midi dress, you should wear strappy high heels. This will help in making the legs look longer, making you look taller. Avoid using clunky or heavy footwear such as boots, platform sandals, and sneakers as they might make you look stumpy.

Tip 3: Opt For a Midi Dress With Lighter Fabric

Midi dresses made from heavy fabric and have too many layers could add weight to your figure instead of height. If you want a layered midi dress, select one with a lightweight mesh fabric as it gives off a light and airy feel and won't leave you looking short and stocky.

Tip 4: Make Use of a Well-Chosen Belt

The secret to a figure-flattering midi dress look? Wearing a belt! Don't forget to define your waist when wearing a midi dress so you won't look like a block of fabric. Almost all midi dress styles go best with a belt. Try it and see the outfit transformation for yourself! If the midi dress you purchased online doesn't have a belt, you may buy one.

Tip 5: Go For a Midi Dress with a Solid Color

Just a piece of advice: Never wear a midi dress that has all the colors of the rainbow on it! It's not the type of dress that you would want to go multi-color, especially if you are petite. The mix of colors can add weight to your look, which is not cool! Opt for a midi dress that has the same color or pattern from head to toe. And when we say pattern, we mean those little floral patterns, polka dots, or anything that's minimal.

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Always remember the general rule of thumb: Wear a midi dress style according to the occasion. You would surely want to get attention in a positive way and not the other way around because of your quite unsuitable outfit choice!