Jul 9, 2018

How to Dress Like the Different Girls of Walwal

Let these gals show you how to flaunt your personality with your outfit.

Walwal is one of those young adult movies made to represent the different struggles of being a young adult – looking for their place in the world while trying to balance everything they have going on their lives.

The movie features a cast of today's hottest young stars, each of whom don outfits that perfectly match the characters they're playing. Here's how you can get the look of the character you relate to the most.

Kisses Delavin as Ruby – Cute and Whimsical

How to Get the Look

ZAFUL Twisted Plaid Cami Dress USD 21.49 (approx. PHP 1150.00)

Somura Flamingo Denim Jacket PHP 899.00

Devon Seron as Trina – Sleek and Sexy

How to Get the Look

Caidaifei Korean-style slimming women short sleeved Slim fit casual dress PHP 377.00

Caidaifei Korean-style female Slim fit slimming base skirt versatile dress PHP 467.00

Jane de Leon as Carla – Comfy and Relaxed

How to Get the Look

Courier Short Sleeves Blouse PHP 346.50

Krizia Special fabric Blouse PHP 650.00

Sophia Senoron as Shelby – Sweet, and Girly

How to Get the Look

ZAFUL Floral Off Shoulder Tube Top And Ruffles Midi Skirt USD 28.99 (approx. PHP 1550.00)

Something Borrowed Off Shoulder Curved Hem Crop Top PHP 999.00

The movie is directed by Jose Javier "Joey" Reyes, and he considers Walwal to be a more modern version of his 1990s film called "Pare Ko." Have you seen the movie? Which of these gals did you relate to the most?