Apr 17, 2019

15 Hats For Summer Hotties

Ah, it's so hot! Stay cool with these 15 perfect hats to combat the blazing sun this summer.

Summer is already here, and that screams two important things: It's time for a trip to the beach, and that the sun seems very eager to burn us. Luckily, there's one very important accessory made for both reasons - hats! With your search history containing a hundred beach resorts and ultimate vacation spots, why not also buy a couple of hats to increase temperature levels with your hotness?

This way, whenever someone says, "Oh my, it's so hot," you can confidently say, "Sorry," and wink at him.

1. Oversized Straw Hat

This large brim straw sun hat from Fancyqube is the perfect size to shield yourself from the sun. Offered in seven different shades and if paired with dark-tinted sunglasses, this oversized straw hat will give you a mysterious yet elegant feel to any passerby.

Fancyqube Visor Large Brim Straw Hat PHP 408.72

2. Korean-style Versatile Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is a must-add to your bucket lists with its cute design and trendy texture. This Korean-styled hat is made in khaki, dark gray, black, and a lake water blue color and is perfect to use both during the summer and in the spring.

Fisherman Ulzzang Summer Korean Style Hat PHP 373.00

3. Wide Brim Openwork Hat

Who knew hats could look this adorable? Although this Wide Brim Openwork Hat from OVS looks unique, it is exactly that uniqueness that'll bring a charming side to you when you wear it!

OVS Wide Brim Openwork Hat PHP 809.00

4. Floppy Straw Hat

Bring back the classic, never-aging fashion trend of a beige straw hat and black ribbon with this Straw Round Hat from Hey Sweety.

Hey Sweety Straw Round Hat PHP 590.00

5. Sporty Visor

Show off your sporty chic side that you've been hiding all this time with this Bare Allegiance Visor Cap. It's offered in black and white - perfect for a trip into nature!

Running Bare Bare Allegiance Visor Cap PHP 1589.00

6. Slightly-frayed Straw Hat

Straw hats are definitely a first-choice when choosing summer hats, but slightly frayed tips are giving it a run for its money. Not only that, this plaid ribbon coupled with its light beige color attracts every person in the vicinity due to its ethereal aura.

Plains & Prints Eugene Hat PHP 498.00

7. Fun wide-brimmed straw hat

Embrace the summer fun and wear this colorful, eye-catching straw hat that will give off lively vibes to everyone around you!

Round Crown Wide Brim Multi-colored Straw Hat PHP 149.00

8. Felt Hat

Mary Poppins returns, and so are the hats inspired by her. With many colors to choose from, no one could resist being attracted to this hat - and even the wearer!

Boater Flat Top Fedora Hat PHP 442.00

9. Beach visor

Pop everyone's eyes out with this new trendy beach visor hat hybrid from OEM. Presented in eight colors, this ultimate combination also includes a bandana-like tie that you can loop over your hair or your neck for a different look!

Breathable Foldable Summer Beach Visor Hat PHP 347.00

10. Mariner

Transport back to the 1950s with this mariner-inspired cap! Made in five colors and smooth leather material, this cap is perfect for beach weather and catching fishes - those with two legs, of course.

Navy Leather Outdoor Beret Cap PHP 259.99

11. Visor-Sunglasses Hybrid

Visor caps are going all out this season with this huge UV protective screen that covers most of your face and prevents you from getting sunburnt. Follow the trend and protect your face from the ever-furious sun with 24 different colors of visors to choose from!

UV Versatile Outdoor Ride E-Bike Sun-resistant Visor Cap PHP 446.00

12. Denim Bucket Hat

Denim isn't falling far from this race. This is seen with this season's must: a denim bucket hat with slightly frayed tips. Denim loyalists, this is a hat that's tailored perfectly for you. Of course this pink shade is cute, but you can also choose from an original denim color, black, khaki and more.

Denim Frayed Edge Bucket Hat PHP 273.00

13. Western-Inspired Wool Hat

Cowboy hats are not a thing of the past! Support this belief with a western-inspired wide-brimmed hat that showcases a dark rich brown hue and will make you one of the most stylish people this summer.

Vintage Wide Brim Wool Floppy Fedora Jazz Hat PHP 189.00

14. Baseball Cap

Fashion has long proven that baseball caps aren't just for baseball - they're pretty effective for the glaring heat of summer and giving a no-care, no-effort vibe. Use this baby pink baseball cap from The North Face for fitting in with the kids on the block and hiding your greasy hair.

The North Face Washed Norm Hat PHP 1890.00

15. Vacation-ready Hat

Patterned prints have paved their way this season and everyone's ready to get them, too! This double-sided sun hat shows a minimalist side from the back but a playful atmosphere when you see the other side. It also has a cute string to keep it in place, so you won't need to worry about it flying away.

Outdoor Double-Sided Wear Sun Hat PHP 410.00

Have you found the best sun hats yet? Try them to keep yourself cool and safely covered from the harmful UV rays this summer.

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