Oct 17, 2017

Be the Girly Fashionista you've Always Wanted to Be with These Gucci Ballerina Flats

It's not too late to get on the ballerina fashion bandwagon.

Most of us ladies wanted to be ballerinas when we were kids. They're as graceful as swans and so light on their feet that even if we had the coordination of a bull in a china shop, we still wanted to be like them! Sadly, not everyone is prima ballerina material, and all the rest of us can do is dream of being as elegant.

Thankfully, Gucci's latest release will make our dreams come true with these bow-topped ballerina flats! They're not quite styled the way pointe shoes are (as they are, ironically, more pointed), but they're definitely the next best thing for fashionistas!

These black suede ballerina flats feature the iconic Gucci red and green color motif on the elasticized strap, which is also the bow. And it's just a tad bit more pointed than usual ballerina shoes, but that just makes it look a tad sassier than the usual round toe style.

The Gucci Suede Ballet Flat With Web Bow is available on Gucci online, and they retail for USD 595. Admittedly, the price is a little steep, but it's a small price to pay for such an iconic pair!