Mar 13, 2018

Get on the Funky Sunglasses Trend a la Heart Evangelista under PHP 700.00

No matter your face shape, these heart sunglasses are sure to look good on you.

The summer months are here, and we all need to protect our precious peepers with a pair of trendy sunglasses. Back in the day, the bigger the sunglasses, the trendier you looked. But these days, there's a new sunglass trend being led by none other than Heart Evangelista.

True to her name, Heart is a lover of all things heart-shaped. So it didn't come as a surprise when she chose heart-shaped sunglasses to be her accessory of choice for this summer.

However, since Heart is a socialite who has a ton of cash to spend on customized sunnies, we can't all expect to have the same sunglasses as her, right? So below are some options for how you can achieve the same look even if you're on a bit of a budget!

How to Get the Look

These pink heart-shaped sunnies with a retro vibe

Ikonic Heart Shape Sunglasses PHP 499.00

A more punk-inspired pair with studs along the top bar

Ikonic Metal Heart Shape Sunglasses PHP 499.00

A brightly-colored pair of funky heart sunglasses

Rosegal Full Frame Heart Shape Sunglasses USD 4.86 (approx. PHP 250.00)

An adorable sunset-inspired pair

Rosegal Full Frame Heart Shape Sunglasses USD 4.86 (approx. PHP 250.00)

For those who like a futuristic vibe, here's a pair of angular heart sunglasses

Rosegal Anti UV Love Heart Embellished Rimless Sunglasses USD 9.44 (approx. PHP 490.00)

And if you want to be super unique, here's a different take on heart sunglasses

ZAFUL Double Reverse Heart Round Sunglasses USD 12.49 (approx. PHP 650.00)

See the world with love in your eyes with these cool heart sunglasses!

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