Jul 24, 2019

Check the Fashion Trends from the 2000s That All Women Will Wear This Year

You might spot someone wearing a fashion piece from the 2000s era.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite 2000s fashion trends: lace-up jeans, cargo pants, tiny strap sandals, baguette bags, baggy jeans, and leopard prints, to name a few. The 2000s fashion style may seem odd compared to the fashion trends now but we won't be surprised if someone tried to resurrect them. In this ever-changing fashion industry, we have already seen some long-lost styles make a comeback. This year, we are expecting 2000s outfits to rise up from the dead and reclaim its fame.

1. Butterfly Hair Clips

The butterfly hair clips must come back! Period. As underrated as it may seem, the butterfly hair clips are very useful in keeping our baby hairs in place, and to top it off, they really look cute and funky. And we don't have to spend a fortune to buy a set of these glittery clips.

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Butterfly Barrettes Alloy Hair Clip PHP 153.00

Butterfly Hair Clip PHP 183.00

2. Baguette Bag

Before oversized bags became mainstream among women, they used to bring only a little shoulder bag wherever they went. These bags usually come in a baguette-like shape and feel, and have a short strap and a zipper or a flap closure. It's practical and convenient, and at the same time, adds a chic flair to the whole outfit.

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Attribute Baguette Crossybody Bag PHP 364.00

Violeta by MANGO Croc-Effect Baguette Bag PHP 2995.00

3. Studded Belt

In the 2000s era, there was no such thing as too much bling. Even belts came with designs such as studs and giant buckles. Studded belts are fashion pieces that must come back and we'll see how it matches with skinny jeans rather than the old-fashioned, baggy trousers.

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Leather Studded Belt PHP 1719.00

Luxury Hand-studded Leather Belt PHP 1606.00

4. Leopard Print

The 2000s fashion trends are mostly dominated by printed outfits such as those with leopard prints. These animalistic prints became staple fashion pieces in the decade as they seemingly show off a person's fierce and strong side.

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Long Sleeve Leopard Print Backless T-Shirt Dress USD 4.99 (approx. PHP 260)

Ashley Collection Leopard Collection Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress PHP 764.15

5. Mule Wedge Heels

Of course, we won't miss out on the footwear of the 2000s. Mule wedge heels are comfy and fashionable and used to be paired with bootcut jeans or casual skirts. Try to use this together with your favorite trousers!

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Carlton London Mule Wedge Heels PHP 2439.00

Striped Mules Wedge Slides PHP 850.00

These fashion items are sure to bring back the memories of your childhood or your teenage days. Don't be afraid to wear them again and be fashionable as you were back then!