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Jan 5, 2021

Eyeglasses 101: Types, Styles, and How to Choose According to Your Face Shape

Before you buy yourself new glasses, check out this article first! We've gathered a bunch of helpful information that could guide you in your next purchase.

Eyeglasses, also known as spectacles, consist of a glass or a hard plastic lens mounted in a frame complete with hinged arms that rest over the ears, thus holding the eyewear in front of the eyes. The first eyeglasses were invented as early as circa 1290. Since then, spectacles have been created to improve vision and correct visual impairments. However, in recent times, eyeglasses are used in different ways, in addition to their original purpose. Some wear eyeglasses for safety reasons while others wear them purely for fashion and aesthetic purposes. Have a look at the different types of eyeglasses so you can decide which one is best suitable for your needs.

What Are The Different Types of Eyeglasses?

Corrective Glasses

As what was already mentioned, the original purpose of eyeglasses is for correcting vision problems such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Corrective eyeglasses come with lenses that correct refractive errors by bending the light entering the eye and bringing the image back into focus on the retina. This type of glasses is known to improve the life quality of the wearer significantly as it enhances his or her visual experience. Aside from that, it can also prevent eye strain. Remember, you must only use corrective eyeglasses after a consultation with your ophthalmologist or optometrist.


Sunglasses are made to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet light which can inflict more damage in the long run. It is advisable to wear sunglasses with UV400 protection if you want your eyes to be protected from both UVA and UVB radiation. Another purpose of this type of glasses, more specifically, sunglasses with tinted lenses, is that it allows the wearer to see better in bright daylight. This is especially helpful for people with light sensitivity conditions as tinted sunglasses can make light from the sun more tolerable. There are also sunglasses with polarized lenses that are proven effective in eliminating glare from horizontal surfaces. However, sunglasses are mostly worn for aesthetic purposes. While most over-the-counter sunglasses do not have corrective lenses, you can always request prescription sunglasses.

Blue-light Cutting Glasses

Blue-light cutting glasses are eyeglasses that filter out blue light emitted by computers, tablets, and smartphones. In this technological era where everything revolves around gadgets, people have become overly-exposed to radiation. The result of overexposure to blue light can range from dry eyes to eye strain, or even worse, partial blindness. Blue-light cutting eyeglasses are said to improve visual performance, alleviate the symptoms of eye fatigue, improve sleep quality, and prevent macular degeneration. This type of eyeglasses is best for those people who work long hours in front of a computer or those who spend a great deal of time on their gadgets.

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Other Types of Eyeglasses

Safety glasses are eyeglasses that provide protection against flying debris or other things. They are usually worn by construction workers and factory workers. Unlike regular eyeglasses, safety glasses also protect the area beside the eyes.

3D glasses are specialized glasses used for viewing 3D films. The illusion of a three-dimensional surface can be done by providing each eye with different visual information so they receive a slightly different image.

The Different Types of Eyeglass Frames

Full-rimmed Frames

Known as the sturdiest type of eyeglass frame, full-rimmed frames fully outline the lenses. This is the best option for those who have higher prescriptions, and thus, have thicker lenses. In the fashion world, however, full-rimmed frames are said to offer a bolder look as they highlight your eyes better. If you are among those who wear eyeglasses for all reasons except for vision correction, make sure to choose an eye-catching full-rimmed frame to complete your subtle work look and make heads turn in your direction. Wearing rimmed eyeglasses might be that one thing that could refresh your current style and bring out your quirky and edgy side.

Rimless Frames

The exact opposite of the full-rimmed frames, rimless frames have fully ditched the rims and are composed of just the hinged arms and nose bridge. Because of its rimless nature, this type of frame provides the largest field of vision and is the most delicate and lightweight option. A lot of people love the rimless frame because of its minimalist charm that looks stylish while framing and highlighting your eyes and face. If you want eyeglasses that keep your facial profile looking subtle, rimless glasses are perfect for you!

Semi-rimless Frames

Can't decide whether to go full-rimmed or rimless? No problem! You can have the best of both worlds with the semi-rimless frames. This hybrid frame offers the durability of a full-rimmed frame as well as the lightweight nature of a rimless frame. So if you are looking for bold yet minimalistic eyeglasses, you should consider glasses with semi-rimless frames. Because semi-rimless frames only outline the top portion of the lens, they help bring the focus to the upper half of your face. However, you should be very careful with the lower portion of the lens because it can become very susceptible to chips and cracks as there is no rim to protect it. Nevertheless, semi-rimless frames look stylish and sophisticated.

Low-bridge Frames

One of the many dilemmas we face whenever we wear eyeglasses is sliding and misaligned glasses. This is especially true if we have a lower nose bridge than the rest of the world. But, don't worry because our dear eyeglass frame manufacturers provided a solution to this recurring problem. They made low-bridge frames that will make us say goodbye to frame slippage for good. Low-bridge frames offer extra stability and comfort for all-day wear plus they don't disappoint when it comes to style and fashion. Ditch all your worries about your specs sliding down again thanks to low-bridge frames!

Wire Frames

A classic type of glass frame, the wire frame is considered as one of those retro styles that deserve a comeback in the fashion world. Well, wire frames use thin yet durable wires to outline the lenses, which make eyeglasses with this type of frame minimalist and lightweight. Thanks to its barely-there frame, wire-frame eyeglasses are comfortable to wear and they look oh-so-trendy! So if you want to look nerdy and chic at the same time, you should invest in wire-frame glasses.

Finding the Perfect Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is the most proportionally balanced face shape characterized by a slightly curved jawline and a narrow forehead. Considered as the universal face shape, people with oval face shape can wear almost anything. They are very fortunate as they can have fun with the latest trends and still look good in most of them. However, this doesn't mean that they can pick anything they like off the shelf; they still need to find that one frame that can emphasize the natural balance of their face shape and add angles to their soft facial curves. If you have an oval face shape, you should wear square, rectangular, or aviator sunglasses because these frames will successfully add structure to your softer oval face shape.

Round Face Shape

Round faces are characterized by soft face curves and smooth lines. You have this face shape if your jaw and forehead have roughly the same width and length and there are no distinct angles. People with this face shape usually have chubby cheeks and a rounded chin. For the round face shape, the goal is to add sharp angles and more distinct lines so your face will appear longer and thinner. Your best options would be glasses with rectangular and angular or geometric frames. Glasses with D-frame and cat-eye frames can also help by drawing attention to your eyes instead of your curvy cheeks.

Square Face Shape

Having a square face shape means having an angular jaw and forehead which have roughly the same width and length. An exact opposite of the round face shape, the square face shape has all the angles but lacking in facial curves. To soften the angles of a square face shape and add balance to your cheekbones, you should go for glasses with thinner and rounded or oval-shaped frames. Another thing you can do is to draw the attention away from the angles by wearing statement frames such as those available in bold hues and cat-eye shapes.

Diamond Face Shape

You have a diamond face shape if you have a narrow forehead and jawline and prominent cheekbones. One of the rarest face shapes, the diamond face shape can be easily balanced out by highlighting the eyes and softening the cheekbones. To do so, you can opt to wear glasses with oval frames as they soften the strong features of your face or glasses with rectangular frames as they offer a contrast to your facial shape. Rimless eyeglasses can also bring the focus to your eyes and draw away the attention from your facial angles. Cat-eye frames are also a good choice because it balances your face structure by extending beyond your brow area.

Pear Face Shape

People with the pear face shape usually have a narrower forehead, less prominent cheeks, and a broader and more rounded jawline and chin, just like a pear. The trick here is to balance your face shape and accentuate your best facial features. How can you do so? Go for glasses that create the illusion of a wider forehead and cheekbones! An example of this is glasses with browline frames because they elongate your forehead. You can also settle for the fool-proof aviator glasses. Glasses with small round frames and angular square frames will also work in your favor and enhance your features.

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face can be distinguished by having a wide forehead that gradually narrows down to the chin. Most people with this face shape have high cheekbones and a cheerful look. Aside from the oval face shape, the heart face shape is also versatile and easy to style. You can wear a wide variety of frames and still look good in them. However, if you have a heart face shape and you want to look your best, it is advisable that you follow these steps: If you have a very narrow chin, wear glasses with bottom-heavy frames as they create the illusion of width on the bottom half of your face. You can also wear oval-shaped frames to draw attention to your eyes. All of these will balance out your weak areas and complement your strong features.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape

People with an inverted triangle face shape have a narrow forehead that gradually widens at the cheekbones and chin area. If you want to balance out your face shape, you should put more emphasis on the narrow parts of your face, which is the forehead. Glasses with heavy accents on the top-half portion of the frame will be the ideal choice for this face shape. You can also try cat-eye frames because they can draw attention away from your jawline and elongate your forehead. When choosing eyeglasses for this face shape, always remember this general rule of thumb: heavy on the top and light on the bottom.

What Eyeglass Frame Color Should You Choose?

Choosing the color of your eyeglass frame greatly depends on these three factors: skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Based on those factors, a person can be described as warm-toned or cool-toned. For instance, if your skin shows blue or pink undertones, you are most likely to be cool-toned. If your skin has a yellow cast, you are most probably warm-toned.

Once you have determined whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, you can now choose what eyeglass frame color you should get. For warm-toned ladies, your color choices range from khaki, gold, copper, orange, red, warm blue, and off-white. Cool-toned gals can opt for these hues: silver, plum, magenta, pink, blue, rose-brown, gray, and black.

Now that you know how to look for the right eyeglasses for you, we are sure that you will be able to find a pair that will balance out your facial features and accentuate your best assets. Choosing eyeglasses has never been this rewarding!