May 21, 2020

5 Easy Hairstyles That'll Surely Look Great In Your Next Video Conference Call

Level up your at-home work look with these simple hairstyles that you can try for your next video call!

As video calls are becoming more popular nowadays for everything, starting from your interviews, conferences, up to the daily catch-ups with your remote teams, stepping up your video game is important. Aside from working with your background, lighting, and outfit, putting some extra effort into your hair is also a must in the virtual world. Looking like a pro on your manager's screen is more important than ever. You may think though, styling your hair is not as necessary as setting up your background and lighting and it is just an additional work for you. Remember, your hair is also a part of your look.

So, if you are already tired of looking the same during video calls, why don't you level up your at-home work look by trying these easy hairstyles that will definitely look great in your next video conference call.

Messy Bun

This look is effortless and all you have to do is leave an imperfect finish. No one will know how it looks from the back, so don't mind if the bun is imperfect or messy. To show more elegance, you can leave some strands loose at the front, putting it sideways.

Low Bun

If you want to look simple and neat, you should try this other effortless hairstyle, the low bun. This time, you should tuck fly-aways in before you secure it slightly just above your neck.

Small-half Bun

If you don't want all of your hair tied up, you can try the small-half bun. It's a super easy way of styling your hair to have a professional look. Section your hair precisely using a tail comb or even your finger, and make a small bun. Just make sure to secure the bun either loosely or tightly.

Low Ponytail

The low ponytail hairstyle is classic! Either you do it side or center-parted from the front, you'll surely look impressive. This hairstyle also looks cute with short hair.

Flipped-out Ends

Many of you might hate the idea of your hair flipping away but your bad hair day is now a trend! It will just take you a few minutes to achieve this hairstyle by using a straightener to flip out the ends of your hair. This hairstyle looks good especially with short to medium-length hair.

After all the preparations you've made, from your background up to your look, it's now time for you to look at the mirror and do some finishing touches to your makeup and also to your newly-styled hair. Happy conferencing!

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