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Mar 29, 2021

Denim Skirts 101: Different Types and How to Style Them

Do you know how to wear a denim skirt the stylish way? This article will provide you style tips so you can slay the denim skirt trend this 2021.

Denim skirts once rocked the fashion world in the 1960s. Now, it is back in 2021 to reclaim its glory. If you were not a fan of the denim skirt in the previous eras, you may want to consider the modern iterations of this retro trend. The modern denim skirt looks neat and polished, and they are classier and offer a wide variety of style options. But, why wear denim skirts?

Denim skirts rose to popularity because of their versatility. They can be paired with almost any top in your wardrobe. They are the most comfortable and stylish alternative to denim pants. If you are going for an edgy and casual cool look but wants to add a feminine touch, denim skirts are the best way to go. Here are the different types of modern denim skirts with fashion tips on how to wear them stylishly.

Denim Mini Skirt

A denim mini skirt is a short skirt with a length of around 10 to 17 inches and a hemline that falls above the knee. The modern denim mini skirt is usually high-waisted, with the rise just below your belly button, and has five pockets. While denim miniskirts look good on everyone, they are best worn by women with slim bodies and well-toned legs. If you are wearing your denim mini skirt to a night out with friends, throw in a sexy off-shoulder top and complete the look with your favorite heels. For a more laidback and sporty aura, you can wear a T-shirt and sneakers with your denim mini skirt.

Denim Midi Skirt

As what its name suggests, a denim midi skirt is a skirt with a length that is in between that of a mini skirt and a long skirt or maxi skirt. The hem of the denim midi skirt falls midway down your calf or the area between your knee and ankle. A lot of women love denim midi skirts because they make your waist appear slimmer and enhance the natural curves of your hips and butt. If you seek to wear your denim midi skirt to a business or professional setting, pair it with a collared shirt and complete the look with heeled shoes.

Denim Long Skirt

A denim long skirt is a skirt with a hemline that falls below the ankle. This is among the most modest denim skirts for women. It suits women of all age groups and body types because it gives emphasis on the legs and hips to make a woman appear more curvaceous. Denim long skirts are also best for formal and religious occasions. To wear the denim long skirt stylishly, you can choose one with a long slit or one with front button closure and pair it with a trendy sweater or a chic long-sleeved blouse.

A-line Denim Skirt

An A-line denim skirt is characterized by a slight flare towards the hem that resembles the capital letter A, hence the name. One of the most common and popular silhouettes among skirts, the A-line denim skirt is very flattering for those who need a little more shape because it defines the waist and makes the legs look slimmer. Wear your A-line denim skirt stylishly with a T-shirt or a fitted top. To make your waist appear smaller, you can have your top tucked in, and cinch your waist with a belt. Complete the look with a wedge or heeled shoes.

Pencil Denim Skirt

A pencil denim skirt is a skirt that hugs your body from the waist to the knee. This form-fitting denim skirt is among the most stylish ones and is usually worn on casual occasions and outdoor events. It is the best denim skirt to wear if you have slim legs and thighs because it provides you a perfect fit and accentuates your natural curves. Match your pencil denim skirt with a colored top or shirt. You may also opt to wear your pencil denim skirt with a fitted tee with a striped design for a chic and modern look.

White Denim Skirt

We know that you are used to the standard blue denim jeans, but we recommend that you add a white denim skirt to your wardrobe. Why? A white denim skirt will instantly give your outfits the essence of summer and make you look innocent and angelic. Plus, white denim skirts go well with any top in your closet, even the colored and printed ones. If you are going the edgy route, you can pair your white denim skirt with a dark gray top and add a black leather jacket over it. Don't forget to wear your favorite white sneakers!

Pink Denim Skirt

It may be safe to say that pink is the color that screams femininity the best. No wonder, a lot of women love this color and want to have at least one fashion item, if not many, of this color. If you are a girly type of woman, we are guessing that you have a pink denim skirt in your closet. What could you wear with a pink denim skirt? The safest way to go with a pastel pink denim skirt is to wear a white top or shirt while for the brighter pink variant, you can opt to go with a black top. You can choose whether to tuck the shirt in or not.

Red Denim Skirt

Because red is a bright color, it is often the color chosen by fashion-oriented women and trendsetters. It is very gorgeous to look at and it easily captures attention. Thus, a red denim skirt is a must-have if you want to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. It adds a fresh pop of color to your outfit so it is okay to wear neutral colors such as white or black. To style your red denim skirt, throw in a white tee and layer it with a black leather jacket. This will provide you the edgy and cool look you have always wanted.

Green Denim Skirt

While green is not a very common color to use for denim skirts, but it gives off a relaxed and earthy vibe when worn. Just like the red color, green hue can spice up boring outfits and make you look quirky and unique. A green denim skirt is comfortable yet fashionable to wear and you can easily make it work your way if you know what to do. Because green is already bright, you can opt to tone it down a bit by pairing it with neutral tops. For a green denim skirt, you can try to pair it with a gray knitted sweater. This works well, especially in the colder months.

Floral Denim Skirt

Lots of women love floral prints on denim skirts. As denim skirts are known to exude an edgy and cool vibe, the floral prints add a touch of femininity and balance its ruggedness. Floral denim skirts are a great fashion staple to have in your wardrobe because they are both suitable for casual and formal events. This versatile denim skirt type can be paired with almost anything in your closet. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, opt to wear a white top with blue accents to complement the blue color of the denim skirt.

Denim Skirt with Lace

Lace is synonymous with elegance and class. Because of its mesh-like appearance, it gives a delicate and classy touch to anything it is incorporated into, including denim fabric. Denim skirt with lace exudes an edgy and classy vibe. Plus, it is super stylish when worn. If you want to show off your legs but want it to look dramatic and not too revealing, you can choose a denim skirt with lace fringes or lace patches. You may continue to be conservative with your top by wearing a long-sleeved blouse.

Patched Denim Skirt

Since the hippie fashion style was born in the 70s, patched clothing has also become popular. Back then, patches reflected the philosophy of those who wore them. In modern times, patches are used to express identity and to look stylish as well. A patched denim skirt can make you look chic and hip and is sure to attract attention. It is also the easiest way to turn your old denim skirt into new. Patched denim skirts are best paired with a simple top or shirt so that your skirt can take the spotlight for itself.

Embroidered Denim Skirt

If you are looking for a little personalization, you should go for embroidered denim skirts. The embroidery detailing will give your denim skirt a touch of uniqueness and identity. Whether you choose to have subtle details or go all-out with the embroidery, adding some stitching will spice up your otherwise boring and plain denim skirts. Pair your embroidered denim skirt with a simple tee to make the intricate design stand out. Throw in your favorite sandals and you are ready to go to a brunch with friends!

Distressed Denim Skirt

You may be a fan of distressed denim pants because they look cool and stylish. But, do you know that you can also have some rips on your denim skirt? Distressed denim skirts offer the same vibe as distressed denim pants, with the only difference is the style of the clothing. While distressed denim skirts can be any length, it is mostly available in the mini version. The rips on the denim skirt are often accompanied by fringes which makes it a lot cooler and edgier. Wear it with a cute and trendy sweater to strike a perfect balance between feminine and cool

Mermaid Denim Skirt

A mermaid denim skirt is a trumpet-shaped skirt that is fitted from the waist to the knee then flares to the bottom. Basically, you will look like a mermaid when you wear this type of denim skirt. A mermaid denim skirt is suitable for women with an hourglass figure as it will emphasize their natural curves. You can wear a wide variety of tops for this type of denim skirt, including a frilly blouse or a long-sleeved crop top. Complete your ocean-inspired look with hoop earrings and high-heeled sandals.

Asymmetrical Denim Skirt

An asymmetrical denim skirt is a denim skirt with a hem that looks asymmetrical. This means that one side of the skirt is slightly longer than the other side. Usually, the hem of this type of denim skirt is decorated with fringes or lace. If you have a curvy lower half and well-toned legs, we recommend that you consider wearing an asymmetrical denim skirt. The most daring denim skirt that you can wear is one that has a side that is as long as a maxi skirt while the other side is as long as a mini skirt. Finish this asymmetrical denim skirt look with a simple top.

Wrap Denim Skirt

A wrap denim skirt is a one-piece, rectangular-cut skirt which is wrapped around the waist and fastened using a tie or button closure. Wrap denim skirts offer a very dynamic look when worn and they are perfect for transitioning your outfits. This type of denim skirt usually comes with a short stitched inside to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. While wrap denim skirts are available in different lengths, most girls prefer the knee-length and mini versions more. Wear wrap denim skirts with simple tees and sweaters to achieve the perfect casual look.

Pleated Denim Skirt

A pleated denim skirt is a type of denim skirt that has pleats or a single pleat arranged around the waistband. A lot of women love to wear pleated denim skirts because they have a spacious room in the hemline, thus they are relaxed and comfortable to wear. However, if you are going for a mini version of the pleated denim skirt, make sure that you wear shorts underneath as it can be quite prone to wardrobe malfunctions. For an edgy and cool look, wear a dark-colored T-shirt with your pleated denim skirt and add sneakers or chunky shoes.

Boho Denim Skirt

What can be called a bohemian-inspired or boho denim skirt is the gypsy skirt. A gypsy skirt is characterized by a long and multi-tiered look that is perfect to wear to casual events. The boho denim skirt is fitted in an A-line style around the waist and it is suitable for heavy-bottomed women who want to draw attention away from their thighs. Because of its crinkled fabric, the boho denim skirt is considered a low-maintenance outfit. Pair it with any top in your closet but don't forget to add a colorful belt.

Plus Size Denim Skirt

You may think that denim skirts are only for slim and slender figures, but it does not only work that way. Even those women who are considered plus-size and curvy can wear denim skirts anytime they want. However, we recommend that you wear fitted silhouettes because they will emphasize your natural curves more. You can pair your denim skirt with a fitted top as well. Layer a long blazer over your bodysuit to add a chic touch to your ensemble. Finish off with your favorite heeled sandals.

Whether you want to look edgy or feminine, denim skirts won't fail you. This versatile piece of clothing can be twisted into any style of your choice and add glamour to your simple outfits. Make sure you have at least one denim skirt in your closet!