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Mar 1, 2021

10 Clothing Items That Short Girls Often Wear Incorrectly and How to Make Them Work

Read this article to know the 10 fashion sins that short or petite girls often commit on a daily basis. You may have also been making these 10 fashion mistakes unknowingly!

What comes to mind when you hear the word "petite"? Most people think that "petite" means short and slim. However, it's not what it actually means. For your information, girls who are 5'3 and under are considered "petite" regardless of their body shape and size. So if you are a woman who has a curvy figure and does not exceed the 5'3 mark, you are still considered a "petite" gal just like others who have a 24-inch waistline.

What's the best thing about being petite? You are most likely blessed with a younger-looking face than taller girls of the same age group so you are constantly flattered by people who become surprised upon knowing your actual age. Also, you might have been told how cute and adorable you are your entire life. Sounds good, right?

Here's the catch: Petite girls have to be more selective with what they wear. Accept it or not—there are certain clothes and styles that don't flatter a shorter figure. Because shorter women have a smaller body frame than taller girls, they can easily be intimidated and drowned by too much fabric. While it doesn't apply to all, most petite girls have a shorter neck, shorter torso, and shorter legs so they need to step up their fashion game by finding clothes that will improve their proportion and create the illusion of height.

We are here to help all the vertically-challenged fashionistas embrace whatever number of inches they have and avoid fashion mistakes that might emphasize their lack of height. We will not only tell you about the clothing items that you often wear incorrectly, but also teach you how to make them work for your figure!

Don't Wear These Incorrectly!

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants such as capris and Bermuda shorts are chic and trendy, which is why fashion designers love this trend so much. The only problem with cropped pants is that they tend to make petite girls look shorter when worn incorrectly. Because cropped pants or trousers make it look like your legs are cut in half, you appear to be shorter than you actually are. They also create a stumpy effect on petite girls instead of elongating their figure.

How to make it work: If you really like to try the chic cropped pants trend, you should make sure that the trousers are not cropped too high and that the hem hits the slimmer part of the leg which is the ankle or the area slightly above it. You can also check out the trendy folded hem style to rock this trend. Choose mid-rise or high-rise capris as they tend to make an elongated illusion. Tuck in your top or blouse and throw on some heels for a leg-lengthening look.

Big Prints

Yes, we all know that prints and patterns, especially those big ones, look fun and interesting. But, sorry to burst your bubble, massive prints such as an overwhelming geometric graphic or an oversized floral design can swallow a petite person whole. Also, as tempting as it may seem, never wear horizontal stripes because they create the illusion of width instead of height. Surely, you would want people to focus on you, not on the eye-catching yet overwhelming prints and patterns on your outfit.

How to make it work: The most important thing petite girls should consider when choosing an outfit is proportion. If you are going with prints that are in proportion to your height and weight, you will look good. The ideal size of prints that petite girls should be wearing must be smaller than their fists. Petite girls should also balance prints with solid colors. For instance, they can wear a top with bold prints as long as they pair it with a neutral-colored skirt or pants.

Big Belts

Petite girls often commit this fashion sin: Wearing big belts to cinch the waist that they think would "complement" their ensemble. We acknowledge that you like big belts (who doesn't, anyway?) but there's something you need to know. Big belts make it look like your body is cut in half. Moreover, if you are wearing a two-inch-thick or three-inch-thick belt, you just lost two or three visual inches on your figure.

How to make it work: As a lover of big belts, we are sure that you want to know how to wear one without looking overwhelmed by its size. The key to do so is to choose a belt that is the same color as your outfit. The monochromatic styling makes your figure look longer and it drives the attention away from your big and wide belt. However, if you are willing to give it all up, you can opt for thin belts that are not just cute but also stylish.

Oversized Silhouettes

Wearing oversized coats has always been a bad fashion choice, regardless if you are petite or not. However, the impact is greater on petite girls because too much fabric, which makes up these baggy and multi-layered outfits, can drag you down and overwhelm or "swallow" your frame. Moreover, boxy silhouettes can also make you look boxy, which is not a very good thing if you belong to the shorter set. Finally, layered ensembles create an unflattering horizontal line that makes it look like your body is cut-off.

How to make it work: As a shorter gal, your goal is to create a long and lean silhouette. This can be achieved by sticking to bodycon outfits which can accentuate and elongate your figure. If you are really after layered clothing, opt for simple and more lightweight layers. Choose coats that offer some sort of shaping such as nipped-in waistlines. Adding a cute belt can also help. Also, choose layers that are in the same color family or monochrome dressing. Don't hide your petite frame under a lot of bulky layers!

Ankle-strap Shoes

Ankle-strap shoes are loved by many girls because of their ability to show off toenail arts and making the feet look extra sexy. They also provide ventilation to the feet and prevents sweating in the area. Sadly, petite girls are encouraged to avoid ankle-strap shoes at all costs because they are notorious for shortening their legs and making them look stubbier by visually dividing the upper and lower part of the legs. Basically, ankle-strap shoes steal a few inches off your height and make you look shorter than you really are.

How to make it work: You can keep your legs looking long and lean by skipping the strap altogether. You can swap your ankle-strap shoes for a low-cut sandal or any shoe that doesn't have straps. But, if you love straps on your shoes, opt for an ankle-strap shoe that is available in nude hue because it can visually lengthen your leg by blending with your skin tone. You can also choose a shoe that has a narrower and thinner ankle strap because it won't visually cut your legs as much as their thick-strapped counterparts.

Baggy Jeans

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of boyfriend jeans. Well, who would not love boyfriend jeans? They are very comfortable to wear because of their relaxed fit. The only drawback is that petite girls should stay away from oversized silhouettes such as baggy jeans because it can overwhelm their figure. Baggy jeans like boyfriend jeans don't flatter small frames, so it's certainly a no-no.

How to make it work: Petite women are advised to wear well-fitted trousers. Skinny jeans effectively elongate your legs and make your overall proportion look better. However, if you find skinny jeans too tight, you can opt for bootcut jeans. Bootcut jeans are not as tight as skinny jeans and they have a straight A-line form at the bottom that can make your calves and thighs look skinnier. For other loose-fit jeans types, you can try to choose a non-stretch pair that is mid-rise or high-rise as it will be very helpful in making your legs look longer.

Bulky Platform Shoes

All petite women may agree that the easiest way to add some extra inches is to wear heels. Others, though, are going for bulky platform shoes because they are more convenient to wear than those painful stilettos. Plus, they also provide elevation for petite girls as much as heels. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you should not be wearing bulky platform shoes. Why not? Chunky platform shoes don't improve your proportion because they draw the attention down instead of up. Moreover, they actually make your legs look shorter and stubbier than they are.

How to make it work: Swap your bulky platform shoes with low-vamp shoes! Low-vamp shoes are shoes where the vamp cuts across your foot at the front. It is more flattering and leg-lengthening for petite women to wear shoes that cover less of their feet. You can also check out shoes with pointy toes as they extend your legs to the maximum so they will look longer. Low-vamp pumps, mules, and flats with pointy toes are surely the way to go!

Long Skirts

You may have heard that petite girls should stay away from long skirts and instead wear short skirts. Well, short skirts are easy to wear for petite girls because they look proportionate to their bodies without a hitch. However, there are girls who think long skirts are very practical especially in colder months as they can keep you warmer than short skirts. Also, long skirts are very comfortable to wear as you don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions caused by the wind. Generally, long skirts are said to shrink your frame and make it seem like the skirt is wearing you than you wearing the skirt.

How to make it work: Choose a long skirt with a slit or one with an asymmetrical hem over a long skirt with a straight-cut hem. Wrap skirts and buttoned skirts are also good for petite girls because they allow you to show a bit more leg if you want to. Also, don't forget to accentuate your waist so choose a long skirt with a cinched waist or opt to throw in a belt. Style long skirts with nude-colored heels or boots and make sure that the skirt is of a similar tone. Heeding these tips will visually elongate your legs.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a no-brainer fashion choice for tall women in the summertime. What about petite girls? Similar to long skirts, the common opinion is that petite girls should wear short clothing such as a short dress or mini dress. They said that because shorter girls also have shorter legs, they should show off every inch of them instead of hiding them away in lots of fabric. Well, it's true that wearing a dress that is above the knee is the easiest way to lengthen your legs and look taller than you really are. And just like long skirts, long dresses such as maxi dresses seem to be overwhelming for petite women.

How to make it work: While maxi dresses offer a blocky feel that petite girls hate, it can be solved by choosing a maxi dress with a side split. This helps balance the proportion of smaller figures and it adds definition, too! If you are wearing a long-sleeved maxi dress, try rolling up the sleeves to lengthen your figure and prevent the fabric from swamping your frame. Opt for solid colors and avoid large prints at all costs if you don't want to appear shorter than you really are.

Wide-leg Pants

Wide-leg pants such as palazzos have been a crowd-favorite since its appearance in the fashion scene. However, it can be seen to be more flattering on taller girls. Does that mean that short women must not wear palazzos? For your information, palazzos are loose, wide-legged pants that flare out from the waist. That being said, the width in the legs goes horizontal which makes petite girls look shorter.

How to make it work: To pull off palazzos, you should counteract the horizontal form created by this type of wide-leg pants with vertically-inspired prints and patterns. Avoid cropped versions of wide-leg pants because they make you look shorter and stubbier. Go with full-length wide-leg pants or well-fitted trousers as they are more suitable for smaller frames. Finish up your look with heels to further elongate your figure.

Which fashion mistakes have you committed so far? If you have done more than half of this list, don't worry. You can always do it better the next time. Moreover, you should remember that looking tall is not everything. What's more important is that you carry yourself well and feel confident in your body size. Once you learn to embrace your body size, you will become more stylish and beautiful.

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