Jan 10, 2019

Catriona's Gowns at Miss Universe 2018

We can't help but give applause for Catriona's evening gowns in Miss Universe 2018.

Still got a hangover with the happenings in Miss Universe 2018? Don't worry because we do, too! More specifically, we still can't get over the two stunning gowns that she wore in the competition!

More than the slow-motion turn, her killer smile, outstanding wit, and powerful answer, Catriona was able to outshine 93 other candidates with two jaw-dropping gowns that definitely became the talk of the town.

In the preliminary competition, Catriona wowed the entire universe with her beautiful golden yellow gown which was inspired by the mythological bird in the Philippines, Ibong Adarna. This fits perfectly with Catriona's idea of showcasing the Philippine culture in every way she can.

Mak Tumang, the man behind the gown revealed on his social media the inspiration behind his art.

According to him, the first gown which he dubbed as ADARNA: The Blazing Siren, is also comparable to the mythological bird, Phoenix which symbolizes resilience, rising and rebirth. He then compared these to the qualities of our Miss Universe, Catriona Gray whom he described as resilient, tenacious with an unwavering spirit.

The gown was literally bathed in real Swarovski Crystals shaped encrusted in feather patterns.

He also mentioned that he drew inspiration from the Mikimoto Crown which was worn by winners of Miss Universe.

And of course who can forget when Catriona came out of the stage and walked down the runway looking like a million dollar in the red fiery gown? At that moment, we knew, everybody knew, she was going to take home the crown. More so, when she was called in for the top five. While all her competitors on either side is wearing white or silver, there she stands in middle, in all her fiery glory. Some said it even looked like she was about to perform with those four other girls singing and dancing as back-ups.

Another creation from Mak Tumang, the gown is now known as the "Mayon." With its fiery red color and hints of yellow, it easily resembles the lava that occasionally erupts from Mayon Volcano.

Catriona's mother hails from the province of Albay where Mayon Volcano is located. This is where Mak drew his inspiration from. By wearing this beautiful gown, she is celebrating her roots.

Both gowns are said to cost more than a million pesos on materials alone, excluding other expenses like labor.

Catriona won Miss Universe 2018 and along with this should be the celebration of the artists behind her success too!