Jan 6, 2020

Style Inspo: Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray's Dress Fashion

Want to be a copycat of Cat's fashion style?

Catriona Gray, our Miss Universe 2018, is regarded as one of the most loved Miss Universes of all time. The Fil-Aussie titleholder showed off the stunning beauty and intelligence of a Filipina in the international scene at last year's Miss Universe pageant, earning her the coveted crown. However, she did not only prove that a Pinay could be gorgeous and smart at the same time but also depicted how we are fashionable and confident. Thanks to her Instagram account, we were able to set our eyes on her stylish outfits and make her our dress fashion inspiration.

Now that a year has passed since she was crowned and a new Queen has been hailed, let us honor our own Catriona Gray by taking a journey down memory lane, checking out 5 of her best fashion outfits in the process.

Beautiful in White

As Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray had the chance to meet other beauty queens like the Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst who placed 10th in the recent Miss Universe 2019 pageant. The image of them together was taken a few months ago and both of them looked stunning in white outfits. Catriona Gray wore a sexy white bodycon dress that flaunted her curves.

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Chic in Black

Catriona Gray was able to attend the prestigious New York Fashion Week for the second time this year. And as the reigning Miss Universe at the time, she knows that she'll be getting a lot of attention. As expected, she did not fail to impress us all with her NYFW look. She's clad in a black, body-hugging mini dress and looking queenly as ever.

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Pretty in Pink

Surely, all of us are envious of Catriona Gray's wardrobe. She seems to have a never-ending supply of chic fashion outfits, in that she can wear a different one each day! For her September 11 New York Fashion Week look, she donned a baby pink halter bodycon dress and styled her hair into a clean-looking, high ponytail.

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Regal in Gold

The gold color is often related to glamour. Since Catriona Gray won the 2018 Miss Universe pageant, she never lost her shine and sparkle as the Queen. She reflected her glamour in a literal sense by cladding herself in a gold satin dress. And we can't deny that she looks regal in this outfit!

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Classy Queen

During the Miss Universe Media Week, the then-reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray stunned everyone with her beauty, wit, and style. The classy-looking beauty queen is donned in a midi wrap dress with a plunging neckline. She looks very poised and composed in her formal attire and of course, she looks gorgeous!

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Although a new Queen has been crowned, Catriona Gray will always be among our favorite Miss Universe titleholders!

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