Oct 4, 2018

Learn Casual Korean OOTD from a Chinese Actress Shen Yue

It's no secret that everyone loves any Korean-inspired outfit so let's take notes from our favorite Chinese sweetheart Shen Yue.

It started with K-pop and turned into K-beauty, and now we're obsessed with K-fashion and it looks like these are not going anywhere any time soon. The Korean culture has successfully dominated the country and we really have no regrets either.

One of the most common styles that Koreans are known for is the oversized T-shirt dress which is admittedly very simple and can be considered minimal fashion, but it perfectly accentuates leg length to make women look taller and thinner.

Take Shen Yue, a Chinese star from Meteor Garden 2018, in this loose and casual outfit for example. It's like the normal everyday fashion for Korean women. She's wearing a white loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt with a rounded collar and a short loose plaid skirt in beige. She matched the outfit with simple white shoes and added a baseball cap for a more laid-back effect.

This monochromatic outfit donned by Shen Yue is harmonious and thus gives a strong sense of youth. This is also especially perfect since it's one of those confusing time of the year where you don't know whether you want to wear a jacket or not because it might be too cold and might be too hot. It presents a balance between the two.

Not to mention this will definitely help hide any fats around your body that you don't want anyone to see. If you want to achieve the same look, this is a guide for you.

Oversized long sleeves are pretty easy to find online and it may not be the exact style like what Shen Yue is wearing but it comes pretty close and it may also depend on your personal taste. Here's several ones you can choose from.

ZAFUL Oversized Faux Fur Embellished Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt USD 22.49 (approx. PHP 1230.00)

2018 Korean Style Casual Oversize Tops With Funny Letter Print PHP 1080.00

If you want to achieve the same style but in different taste, choose an oversize polo shirt in your favorite pattern or color.

Czarine - Oversized Polo Sweater PHP 1346.52

chuu - Striped Oversized Polo Shirt PHP 2346.12

Next up is the skirt. Pair your oversize tops with stripe or check miniskirt to get the same casual and cute look.

CosmoCorner - Check A-Line Skirt PHP 876.12

ZAFUL Front Zip Striped Skirt USD 19.49 (approx. PHP 1060.00)

NAIN - Wrap-Front Checked Skirt PHP 2875.32

IndiGirl - Puff Sleeve V-Neck Blouse / Slit-Front Check Skirt PHP 1170.12

Choose a pink hat to put a bit of feminine color on your outfit.

Cap City Korean Style Heart Finger Gesture Embroidery Baseball Cap PHP 255.00

Cap City NY Adjustable Suede Cap Pastel Color Street Casual Baseball Cap PHP 299.00

Lastly, you can get an exact replica of her white wedge rubber shoes here:

Arin Soaring 2017 New Women Wedge Sneakers Sport Shoes Kasut Wanita PHP 1007.54

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget to wear this outfit with confidence because that will make the difference between looking like a Korean superstar casually walking around the streets to a sack of potatoes in the corner of your house.

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