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Mar 30, 2021

24 Celebrity-Approved Ways To Wear A Bucket Hat

Bucket hats may look awkward and old-fashioned for a lot of people, but in reality, they are a great accessory to add to your stylish ensemble. Celebrities from all over the world can prove so through the OOTD photos they shared on Instagram.

The bucket hat trend has been very popular from the 1980s until the 2000s before falling out of the spotlight in succeeding decades. Well, a lot of people despise this fashion trend because they think that bucket hats are awkward to wear on the streets as they were once associated with camping trips and outdoor gear. Some also say that bucket hats don't suit their fashion style so they just skip this trend altogether.

However, bucket hats are now back to reclaim their lost glory. Living in this time of pandemic means we can't go outside much nor socialize on a regular basis. Because of that, most of us have what they call "lockdown hair" or hair that has not been combed for days. So if you have an urgent errand to a nearby store, don't forget to throw on a bucket hat!

If you still don't see yourself wearing a bucket hat, just see how your favorite celebrities are slaying this trend. You will also get some celebrity-approved fashion tips on how to wear a bucket hat stylishly this 2021. Let's begin!

Liza Soberano

After staying for three months in the United States to have an operation for her finger injury last 2019, the Filipina actress Liza Soberano went back to the Philippines where she was welcomed by her loved ones. On the day of her arrival, she wore an airport outfit composed of a white hoodie, black leggings, white sneakers, and of course, a white bucket hat. Looking stylish upon meeting your family again is surely a must!

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Lahbati spent a vacation with her family in Hawaii last 2019. They surely enjoyed their beach trip as they had a chance to surf and swim with the sharks. If you are on a vacation to a dreamy location like Hawaii, you would surely pack your most stylish outfits. Sarah Lahbati did the same thing and wore an orange swimsuit, and completed her look with a pair of sunglasses and a black bucket hat.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park, mononymously known as Dara, is a South Korean star that rose to popularity in the Philippines. She had a trip to Japan last 2018 where she filmed the famous stream train called Botchan Ressha. To mark this trip, she wore a thick winter jacket with lots of colors and prints while she kept the rest of her outfit plain and simple. Another pop of color that we saw in her ensemble is the red bucket hat that she is wearing.

Chi Gibbs

Chi Gibbs, together with her equally stunning and stylish sister Gabs Gibbs, went to the Coachella 2019. The Gibbs siblings served a major style inspiration with their neon looks. Gabs Gibbs wore a bright yellow top while Chi Gibbs donned an orange one. Both wore quirky glasses, and Chi Gibbs finished off her eye-catching look with a very colorful bucket hat. They are definitely what sibling goals mean!

Anne Curtis

The Filipino-Australian actress Anne Curtis is known to be a member of the A-list group IT Girls. That being said, she is regarded as a fashion trendsetter. She surely knows how to create a perfect outfit. On her trip to Portugal to shoot for a film, she wore a long black dress coupled with a black bucket hat and black sandals. Her dark yet elegant look is further accentuated with a blue purse and some statement jewelry pieces.

Nadine Lustre

The Filipina singer and actress Nadine Lustre is known for her brave persona. She is not afraid to sport eccentric designs and styles. And she really loves animal prints. In a photo she posted last December 2018, she looks gorgeous in her zebra-striped bikini paired with a black bucket hat. By adding a bucket hat to her sultry ensemble, she exuded a streetwear cool vibe that got all of us envious.

Sofia Andres

The Filipina actress Sofia Andres is among the young celebrities in her generation who always surprise us with new fashion styles. Although she is now a mom to a beautiful one-year-old, she is still as stylish as she is before. One of Sofia's outfits that we love the most is when she wore a white sweater, white trousers, and white sneakers. To add some pops of color, she donned a black bucket hat and a red sling bag.

Nabilla Vergara

It seems like the Franco-Algerian-Italian model and reality TV personality Nabilla Vergara also loves to wear bucket hats. She posted a photo of her on Instagram last April 2020 while bathing in a swimming pool wearing a red bikini and a red bucket hat. She also made a statement by wearing red lipstick that matches her sultry outfit. We should let Nabilla teach us how to look sexy while taking a plunge in the water.

Dua Lipa

Who said that bucket hats can only be worn in the summer? The English singer Dua Lipa surely has some "new rules" in wearing a bucket hat. She wore a pink puffy coat and a fuzzy bucket hat because it's freezing in New York where she was in last December 2019. She surely maintained her fashionista image by wearing several thick layers of warm yet stylish fabric that send us winter vibes on Instagram.

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey isn't just known as the daughter of famous host Steve Harvey; she is also a popular model that has walked the runways of Dolce & Gabbana. Being a model, she is very keen on choosing what outfits to wear. She certainly looks so girly and adorable with her simple white tank top, gray sweatpants, and chunky sneakers. But what really stood out the most is the pink bucket hat and pink shoulder bag that she is wearing.

Elsa Hosk

The former Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk is often seen nude or scantily-clad on social media. However, she decided to switch things up a bit by wearing an outfit that hides almost every inch of her body. The model pulled off an oversized leather blazer, light-washed jeans, and black boots. Her chic off-duty model look was completed with a statement leopard print bucket hat. Even the streets are her runway!

Winnie Harlow

Supermodel Winnie Harlow posted a photo of her enjoying a game of tennis on her Instagram account last November 2020. Her outfit, which is a white crop top paired with tiny hot pants, highlighted her toned abs and lean, long legs. She completed her sporty ensemble with chunky trainer shoes and a retro bucket hat. Surely, it is the best and chicest way to dress up for a sporting session!

Gigi Hadid

We all know that model Gigi Hadid is a huge fan of bucket hats. She is wearing them anywhere and is not wary of trying new styles. To showcase a different style, Gigi Hadid wore an overly-cropped top and a printed denim dungaree that features built-in denim boots. While her printed overalls are the most eye-catching part of her look, the denim bucket hat she is wearing elevated her street fashion ensemble.

Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber's other half Hailey is popular with wearing gender-neutral and eccentric outfits. In a photo she posted on Instagram last July 2020, she is wearing a matching bikini top and brief under a tie-dye cropped jacket and jogger pants. She also wore a pink tie-dye bucket hat, which she shares with her husband Justin, to complete her colorful street-style ensemble. She is one stylish wife, indeed!

Kylie Jenner

What's better than wearing matching outfits with your best friend? Kylie Jenner and her BFF Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou are often mistaken for twins because they both love to wear similar dresses. For instance, Kylie wore a white bodycon dress and white pointy-toe pumps while Stassie wore the same thing in black. Kylie finished off her look with an orange bucket hat and Stassie also threw in a green bucket hat to complete her ensemble.

Vanessa Hudgens

Like Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens also loves posing with her best friend GG Magree. In a photo she posted on Instagram last December 2020, Vanessa Hudgens can be seen chilling with GG Magree while endorsing some product. She is seen wearing a beige plunging top with a beige knitted sweater and black flared pants. She also donned a straw bucket hat and added a flower on her ear, exuding a tropical chic vibe.

Chiara Ferragni

The Italian stylist and influencer Chiara Ferragni, together with her gorgeous sisters Valentina and Francesca, had the first swim of the summer season and a nice boat trip in Cinque Terre last June 2020. For their boat-top basking, Chiara Ferragni wore a raspberry-pink bikini with a matching bucket hat. We can't deny that Chiara, as well as her sisters, look so hot and sexy with their bikini outfits.

Candice Swanepoel

The South African supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel has a body to die for. When she went to Jamaica last January 2020, she managed to show off her beautiful curves in a one-piece striped swimsuit that is cinched with a belt. She topped it off with flat sandals, a bright red bucket hat, and hoop earrings. Her look perfectly exuded a modernized casual Jamaican vibe!

Zoe Kravitz

What do you expect from the daughter of the woman who made hats mainstream? Well, Lisa Bonet's daughter Zoe Kravitz has all the rights to wear stylish headpieces such as bucket hats. On her outing with bluesman and family friend Toshi Reagon last July 2020, Zoe Kravitz wore a tucked-in tank top, a green tennis skirt, and black shoes with ankle-high white socks. She completed her school-girl-style ensemble with a bucket hat. Her mama will surely be proud.


Rihanna is among the fashion trendsetters we are always on the lookout. People wear what Rihanna wears. Well, the Fenty Beauty owner was recently seen on Instagram wearing a rainbow tie-dye silk mini slip dress coupled with a matching tie-dye bucket hat. She also donned several pieces of jade jewelry to complete her summer look. Rihanna's outfit should be enough to convince you to try wearing a bucket hat.

Emily Ratajkowski

The American model Emily Ratajkowski can be always seen scantily-clad on social media. Well, if you have a body like that, would you not flaunt it? Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram to share a photo of her by the swimming pool wearing a leopard print bikini from her swimwear collection, Inamorata. The brunette beauty paired her fierce-looking yet sexy outfit with a leopard print bucket hat.

Imaan Hammam

The up-and-coming model Imaan Hammam has been on the cover of Vogue several times now. This beauty with Moroccan and Egyptian descent has since spent the Fourth of July celebration of 2019 basking under the sun. She wore a tiny printed bikini and a white bucket hat to match. She also did not forget to wear her retro shades while sunbathing. Just by looking at her photos on Instagram, we can safely say that this young model will go places.

Shay Mitchell

The Canadian actress and mom-of-one Shay Mitchell is just like any first-time mom. She's gushing over her one-year-old daughter Atlas Noa on Instagram, and we are, too. This hot mom remained stylish and sexy despite already having a child. On a day out with her baby, Shay Mitchell wore a white cropped top and gray joggers. She also donned a black bucket hat while hanging out with her daughter.

Billie Eilish

The 19-year-old "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish is famed for her quirky fashion styles. She often surprises us with a new neon hair color. But, most of the time, she's just wearing a bucket hat. She makes sure that everything about her is bright, including her headpiece. Watch how she lives to her eccentric persona by wearing an oversized graphic tee, baggy trousers, sneakers, and a bold-colored bucket hat. We believe that we will be seeing more of this type of outfit.

From what we can see, wearing a bucket hat packs a number of benefits. It protects you from the sun, makes you look stylish, and hides that "lockdown hair" in an instant. No wonder, it seems like the bucket hat trend is not going anywhere this 2021.

Surely, there will be more styles of the bucket hat that will emerge this year. We are keeping our eyes peeled with the new stylish modifications that this headwear will have. And of course, we have the celebrities above and more to show us the new bucket hat trends. Stay tuned with the latest trends!