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Feb 1, 2021

20 Best Local Jewelry Brands You Should Be Checking Out Next

Finding the right jewelry can be tough. However, we are here to help you make your choice among the unique and classy accessories created by these proudly-Pinoy jewelry labels.

Accessories, just like any fashion staple, can make or break a look. That being said, choosing the right accessories is crucial. You would want something that would spruce up your look or something that would appear classy rather than tacky. You would want to wear earrings that can make you look sophisticated or a necklace that can serve as an intricate detail to your chic ensemble. But wait, this doesn't mean that you should splurge on designer pieces that cost an arm and a leg. For your information, there are some great local brands that make equally gorgeous jewelry minus the sky-high prices. Some of them offer minimalist jewelry such as dainty necklaces and bracelets. Others have gone the more traditional route and sell jewelry made from beads, brass, and pearls. Either way, they are all worth checking out. We can guarantee that you will get your jewelry fix from these local brands. Don't forget to buy one for your loved ones, too!

Without further ado, here are 20 local jewelry brands in the Philippines that you should keep an eye out for!


Arajera is a Manila-based jewelry shop founded by Ara Villafuerte-Mondez. This local brand was the first in the country to design ear climbers and ear cuffs back in 2012, long before such designs became a trend among the millennials. Arajera doesn't only make fun and whimsical ear cuffs; they also create beautiful necklaces and traditional earring studs using sterling silver and natural stones such as opal, moonstone, and turquoise. Moreover, Arajera's pieces can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Bubba Doodles

Mompreneur Karen Ayala had an idea of preserving her kids' cute drawings and doodles by transforming their precious masterpieces into jewelry. That's where Bubba Doodles was born. The brand takes children's artwork and turns them into pendants, bracelet charms, key chains, and much more. Besides, kids won't be kids forever so it's important that parents preserve memories. Plus, having their work immortalized is a way to show appreciation for their designs and inspire them to be more imaginative and creative.


Young entrepreneur Alexandra Presentacion went from selling clothes to selling jewelry. Her brand, CARI, is known for simple yet chic and elegant products that are versatile enough to go with any look. A go-to local jewelry brand for teenagers and young women, CARI creates staple jewelry that you don't ever want to take off. Although its pieces are unique and eye-catching, you won't be seeing sky-high prices because CARI keeps its products affordable, keeping the buying capacity of its target market in mind.

Cat + Kai

The entrepreneur duo Kaila and Catherine found a common ground between them, which is their love for nature; oceans in particular. Cat wanted to produce jewelry for divers and that's where the jewelry brand Cat + Kai emerged. Cat + Kai offers ocean-inspired jewelry made with their signature silver-and-sea glass combinations that will remind you of the beach. Their unique designs include crabs, turtles, squids, seahorses, and more. Don't forget to buy these sea-themed pieces and wear them on your next beach trip for that effortless ocean-ready look!


Flutter has created jewelry pieces that have been featured in New York Fashion Week and worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez. But, did you know that this brand was founded by a Filipina? Katrina Ong, a multi-talented and creative entrepreneur, instated Flutter back in 2012. Since then, the label is making handcrafted accessories from semi-precious stones that can be found in the Philippines. Flutter's amazing beadwork is one of the reasons why this local brand became popular in the international fashion scene.


The local jewelry brand Heyjow was founded by mompreneur Joana Ballesteros-Gube. Since college, she has been designing and creating jewelry. She then thought of making a living out of her deep love and passion for handcrafted jewelry pieces. The label is known for its classic yet trendy products that are stylish and versatile enough to wear to almost any occasion. Plus, Heyjow has a pretty big selection to choose from, so you can surely find a piece that suits your personality and mood.

Istorya Creations

Starting as a passion project of Joanna Gutierrez, Istorya Creations made it big in the industry thanks to the word of mouth marketing and social media posts of satisfied clients. Istorya Creations is the go-to brand of those who want personalized and unique giveaways because it specializes in creating handmade jewelry and accessories. The label's quality pieces are custom made so they hold more meaning to each of their customers, and they are guaranteed to last for years.

Juan & Maia

A jewelry shop that focuses on selling pearl accessories among others, Juan & Maia is definitely worth checking out. Founded by Jamo Baron and Gaby Asuncion, Juan & Maia is aimed to provide gender-neutral jewelry that will serve all kinds of people. The brand's pieces are handcrafted and use freshwater pearls sourced from Mindanao. Selling pearl jewelry is the right choice for both of them as pearls exude a classic and timeless vibe. Who doesn't love pearls?


Conceived in Spain but born in the Philippines, the jewelry brand Lily is founded by the avid traveler Stella Soriano. Although she already had a penchant for jewelry design, Stella created her first jewelry collection only after her visit to Spain. The fresh and lively sights she saw in the European country moved her to make a summer-themed jewelry line using tassels, pom-poms, and fabric flowers. Because of her love for travel, photography, and fashion, Stella managed to craft designs that are bold and fancy.

Modern Myth

Are you looking for minimalist jewelry? We just found the daintiest jewelry pieces from the local brand Modern Myth! The brand's owner and designer Camille Aquino is focused on making demi-fine jewelry that won't break your bank, will last long, and will act as a "second skin." Modern Myth is all about minimalism and versatility and you are sure to find trendy yet subtle accessories under the brand's belt. All of the label's products are made from quality materials such as solid gold, gold-plated sterling silver, sterling silver, and semi-precious gemstones.


When brand co-founder Jopie Sanchez was working on a film in Lake Sebu, she met some brass casters in the area and immediately fell in love with their craft. As she and co-founder Timmy Potenciano learned more about the struggles of the T'boli people, they had an idea on how to help them. The duo created Nawa and they had brass casters and weavers from the T'boli tribe of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato handcraft brass jewelry and accessories. By doing so, they successfully made dignified employment for the T'boli community.

Penny Pairs

Penny Pairs is loved by all because it makes affordable jewelry using high-quality materials. The brand has pieces made from 18k gold, 925 silver, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and cultured freshwater pearls. Aimed to provide everyday fine jewelry for Filipinos, Penny Pairs creates minimalist designs suitable for both men and women. Items from this local label are all handcrafted with love and manufactured in small batches to lessen the waste produced. Talk about an environment-friendly brand!

Pulseras by Kim

Pulseras by Kim is born from Kim Tiam-Lee's love for handicrafts and impeccable talent in creating jewelry. She started selling her pieces online and they instantly became a hit. The brand's rise in popularity can be credited to its items having empowering words or phrases on them. That being said, Pulseras by Kim doesn't only make jewelry that looks unique; their items are equally inspiring and uplifting as well. The shop's offerings include bracelets, earrings, bangles, anklets, rings, necklaces, pendants, and more.


Quielle has mastered the art of minimalism with its classy and stylish designs. Angel Gabat, the owner of Quielle, creates jewelry pieces using crystals, stones, shells, and gold. She offers galaxy-themed accessories that exhibits an ethereal feel, fitting for gals who love the celestial bodies. She also sells bracelets for men which are made using rocks, obsidian, onyx, and beads. To top it all off, you can have your jewelry, specifically necklaces, customized by having your name engraved on the pendant or charm. You can grab her products on Shopee.

Soul Flower

In 2010, Patricia Peralta and Janina Arias founded a small accessories shop named Soul Flower. Both craft enthusiasts, the duo tried working with different materials such as beads, wood, and fabric and became experts in leather crafting and metalsmithing. The brand offers well-made leather pieces in addition to its metal jewelry line that gives off a bohemian and rustic vibe. Aside from selling their products, Soul Flower also holds crafting workshops for those who want to dive into this type of business.

Suki Jewelry

The husband-and-wife tandem of Aaron and Charlene Cabigas founded the local jewelry brand Suki Jewelry which aims to introduce a millennial fine jewelry line everyone can afford. Suki Jewelry is known for its simple and straightforward designs that are not only stylish and elegant but also wearable and functional. The brand sells its products at an affordable price point, without sacrificing the quality and uniqueness of each one. Surely, we will be a "suki" of the Suki Jewelry in no time.

Tala by Kyla

One of the most popular local jewelry brands right now, Tala by Kyla has captured our attention through its statement pendants and bejeweled choker necklaces. In addition to the fun and dreamy designs that are already under its helm, the brand is also getting inspiration from the latest trends. For instance, it created a butterfly necklace inspired by the hit K-drama series "It's Okay to Not Be Okay." Tala by Kyla also offers zodiac-themed necklaces that make great gift ideas for everyone in your girl squad. See some of their items on Shopee.

Tali Ti Amianan

Tali Ti Amianan, which roughly translates to "Ropes of the North," was founded by Miku Ebueza and her husband Mandy. The husband-and-wife tandem started off with crafting bracelets as a hobby. However, a lot of people got interested in their pieces when they posted them on social media. The brand was then created and they had helped provide a livelihood to the residents of San Juan, La Union during the off-season. This generous couple has also donated proceeds to several causes over the years.


A huge fan of jewelry, Anika Allarey thought that instead of buying expensive ones, she could just make her own jewelry. From there, the local brand Unearthed was founded. Since high school, Anika loved creating jewelry using shells and nylon. Now, as Unearthed's owner, she makes jewelry using crystals and gold-plated gemstones. Her gorgeous pieces feature nature-inspired designs and whimsical charms, perfect for gals who love the bohemian style. Moreover, Unearthed's versatile creations go well with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.


Are you into the minimalist aesthetic? Vi MNL has got you covered! This local label offers a collection of hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bangles. Vi MNL boasts minimalist designs that are never basic and boring. In fact, its dainty earrings are among the loveliest ones we have ever seen. Plus, all of the brand's items are versatile enough to wear any time and to any occasion. Whether you are sporting a laidback look during the day or wearing your favorite dress for a date night, you can always count on an item from Vi MNL.

Whether you are a fan of traditional accessories or minimalist jewelry, there are pieces that will surely suit your personality. Make the best statement using well-chosen jewelry and you will be leaving the right impression about yourself!