May 16, 2019

The Best Guide To Wearing A Midi Skirt

Jeans out, skirts in. Here are 5 quick tips for sporting the midi skirt in the most stylish way!

Midi skirts, which are basically elegance in a nutshell, have been steadily rising in the fashionista community because of how people can use them on a variety of occasions. Like really, just pair it with the right top and you can wear it to work, to a club, or to a casual weekend getaway. Waist-cinching and figure-flattering, midi skirts can also give the illusion of a really good figure. That's how versatile midi skirts are.

The term 'midi skirts' might be a little bit unfamiliar but really, it's just in the same family as mini and maxi skirts. Mini skirts are skirts above the knee, while maxi skirts are below the ankle and midi skirts are all in between. Skirts that end up an inch below the knees up to an inch above the ankles all fit into the midi skirts category.

Technically speaking, midi skirts are those that end mid-calf but, this is a huge mistake - which makes way for Tip #1.

1. Choose the length of the midi skirt that would look perfect on you

Yes, short people really need to pay attention to the bottoms, that's already a given. But, while midi skirts are the most flexible bottoms you can have, you might want to start first on wondering what to consider when you get one. If there's one particular thing you have to consider, it's for the skirt to never stop at the widest part of your leg, that squishy area called the 'calves'.

If you're short, it'd be a great idea for the length of the skirt to stop just right below your knees instead of further down. Showing a bit of skin on your lower legs would give you a bit of height, especially when you pair it with nude heels.

2. Tuck in, crop tops and flowy sweaters for tops

Remember when I said that you could wear midi skirts on any occasion? Here's the trick. Because most midi skirts are flowy and breezy, you'd want a top that's figure-fitting, like a crop top, to balance it out. Tucking in your top, like your tees or buttoned-down shirts, would also be a nice trick. You can also wear loose grandma sweaters, as long as they're tucked in or they stop near your waist.

3. Belts, necklaces, and bags for accessories

Accessories shoot your outfits a hundred levels upwards whenever you wear them and the same thing is true for midi skirts. Belt your skirt to emphasize that waistline or put on a long statement necklace if you're wearing a simple top. Adding a summer hat or a beret would also make you look taller. Mini handbags could draw the attention from a simple solid-colored midi skirt, so get a handbag too!

4. Sneakers or Naked Strapped Heels for Shoes

Don't get me wrong, midi skirts will still look good if you pair them with doll shoes or probably even crocs, but pairing them with shoes that show most of your feet would look absolutely great. Because the whole look is about giving height to the wearer, wearing heels would also add to that height, especially chunky, open-toed heels. If you prefer comfy over steamy, then using sneakers that show your ankles can dress you down but still give you the height you need.

5. Go wild with patterns

Whoever says mixed fabrics is the worst fad that stylists could make has been proven wrong by countless of daring designers who've shown us time and time again that combining patterns are also a style. If you've got a floral midi skirt, pair it with a striped buttoned shirt or the famous polka dots. Get creative!

While wearing midi skirts seems like a scary thought, I assure you, when you start wearing one, you'll ask yourself why you didn't start sooner. So, grab a couple skirts and start styling! Which of these tips would you use the most?

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