Jun 23, 2020

The Best Beach Bags for Your Summer Getaway 2020

What's the best bag to carry for your next summer getaway? Pick your own from these beach bags we listed for you.

We Filipinos enjoy hot and humid tropical climate year-round as if summer is always in the air! You're ready to flaunt your beach body, you've already tried on your newly-bought swimsuit, and you've already packed your beach essentials such as your sunscreen and sunglasses. Ready to go? Nope, it's not yet time to go. You probably don't want to lose your things while having a fun time at the beach. Come to think of it, where are you going to leave your beach essentials? Your phone? Your sunglasses? That's why for many, carrying a beach bag is as important as applying sunscreen. You can't just use any bag to pack your towel, sunscreen, and other beach necessities - it must also be well-made enough for schlepping through the beach sand and salt water.

However, we're not sure yet if we will be able to go have any beach fun yet this summer. Well, keeping yourself and others safe by staying inside and not traveling is definitely the most important thing during these hard times. Hopefully, we'll be able to go outside very soon. But for now, we are giving to you these beach bag ideas that will definitely be perfect for your next summer getaway!

Woven Shoulder Bag

First on the list is the classic woven tote bag. By just looking at it, you can definitely say that it is made for the beach sand. Its design gives you a Caribbean feel, and is perfect to carry your essentials along the beach.

Neutral-colored Tote Bag

You may think that colorful, neon, sparkly bags are fit for summer and beaches, but actually, neutral-colored totes are incredibly chic and stylish. Brown or beige hues will complement your colorful swimwear and fit nicely with the hot and smooth sand.

Basket Tote Bag

A staple of summer fun, the basket bag! If you want to bring a change of clothes, clean sandals, a beach towel and more, this is the bag for you. The basket bag can come in any size or shape. So the next time you go to the beach, make sure to show off a cute woven basket bag that will go perfectly with your trendy swimsuit or sundress.

Transparent Tote Bag

Apart from the traditional woven tote bags, transparent ones are also good picks for summer. These bags are durable and waterproof so you won't mind it schlepping in the sand. Carrying a see-through tote bag along the beach is simple yet stylish. It can be your perfect beach companion especially if you are not bothered by people seeing your stuff.

Mesh Beach Bag

Another see-through bag is the mesh tote bag. It is made with a breathable mesh fabric, making it lighter than the PVC one. This type of beach bag is practical yet stylish and cozy to carry around the beach.

Rattan Boho Bag

Rattan boho bags are one of the summer bag staples. Usually in a round crossbody bag, rattan boho bags have been women's favorite beach companion. It is simple yet durable enough to carry your beach essentials and also gives your overall summer look an elegant finish. It is best paired with your summer boho tops or dresses.

Waterproof Belt Bag

If you don't have too many belongings, you can always opt for a simple belt bag or crossbody bag. Just throw in your phone, some money, your keys, and travel-size sunscreen and you're good to go! This way, you can keep your stuff with you the entire time.

You can now pack your essentials with these summer beach bags and have fun basking in the sun!