Mar 9, 2020

How To Look Fashionable in Sportswear: 6 Athleisure Styles to Copy in 2020

Find out how to master "athleisure" style with these 6 tips!

Activewear, sportswear, athleisure... Whatever you call it, this trend is going nowhere in 2020. It's still as prevalent as ever in the fashion industry. And, just like regular clothes, sportswear also has its own trends. You may see a lot of high-end luxury brands coming out with yoga pants, sports bags, socks and running shoes recently. This is no coincidence. The modern consumer seeks comfort as much as they seek style, and this is why you see so many brands collaborating with activewear brands, and vice versa. If you love working out, jogging, or doing yoga, or you just want to be comfy all day at school or on your trip to the mall, athleisure may be the style for you. So, without further ado, here's a guide to looking trendy and sporty in 2020!

Retro in Bicycle Shorts

Do you want to look like you just time-travelled from the 1980s? Then, here's your answer. Bicycle shorts are making a huge comeback, and while you get to flaunt your well-sculpted legs to the world, you can also look really sophisticated depending on what you pair them with. You can wear it with a T-shirt or sports bra if you're just working out, but if you want to look classy on a hangout with friends, pair the shorts with a white shirt and heels, or a casual blazer and short boots.

Pretty in Pastel

When in doubt, go for pastel. Pastel shades of pink, blue, purple, green and yellow are your best bets here. You can wear a setup or, wear a monotone outfit and add a pop of pastel by wearing light pink or light yellow sneakers.

Groovy in Tie Dye

Tie dye is also a big trend this year, and it's a simple one to enhance your athleisure look. They have almost everything in tie dye now, ranging from leggings, sports bras, parkas, t-shirts, to swimsuits! By wearing one of these, you're sure to look trendy this year.

Funky in Animal Print

Does animal print ever really go out of style? Not really. To make your workout outfit more funky or to spice up your run through the park, add a piece of clothing in a sexy animal print! Whether it's a tank top, leggings, or sneakers, animal prints will always catch a person's eyes.

Cool in Metallic

Metallic might not be a feature you'd imagine when thinking of sportswear, but it's an essential element in looking trendy this year. Wear a sweatshirt with metallic lining or jogger pants in a pink metallic hue.

Sexy in Mesh

Last but not least, mesh! It's not exactly fishnet stockings, but the idea is similar. Mesh allows for a more breathable piece of clothing, which is definitely needed during a hard workout. You can wear mesh items to the gym, or pair them with regular clothes for a twist of comfort and sport.

Now, with these 6 tips, maybe you have an idea of what to wear on your next trip to the gym. Or, maybe you'd like to incorporate sporty items into your everyday style. Either way, wear these trends and you're bound to catch everyone's attention and you'll probably receive a bunch of compliments as well.