May 7, 2019

Which One of These 7 Types of Shoppers Are You?

Ever hear yourself thinking these phrases? Check out which type of shopper you are with these hilarious but totally true classifications!

If you listen closely, when you're at the mall you hear a lot of internal squealing and the ever-hilarious banter of your rational angel and the impulsive devil. About what?

There's no doubt that most women are born with the instinct to shop. Sometimes, we have that sincere intention to walk inside the department store and get what we need, but our wandering eyes usually latch on to other objects and force our feet to move in another direction, instead of the intended way.

When this happens to you, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Find out which of the seven types of shoppers you are!

1. The Impulse Buyer

"Umm, excuse me, where's the cashier?" whilst holding the said top.

When it comes to cute clothes and must-have items, there's rarely a thing called self-control for this type of shopper. You know that feeling when you've seen "the" one? These buyers have felt that feeling a thousand times every time they visit a mall. Seriously, how many shoes or bags do you feel personally and intimately connected to?

Jokes aside, impulse buyers should actually be watched over and taught from a young age not to overspend. Shopping like this would cause them to be in a lot of debt when they grow up. As long as one doesn't impulse-buy every time she goes to a mall or buy around 5 dresses in one week, impulse-buying is actually funny to see.

2. The Browser

"Hmm, this looks nice. Also this, and this, ooh and this," but with a pair of jeans in one hand and dresses and swimsuits in the other, you know that this person is absolutely clueless on what to buy.

Browsers are the ones with better self-control than the impulse buyers, but this means that they also have no idea what they want to buy. But, luckily for them, this situation gives an excuse for them to spend the whole day shopping, even to the point where it becomes a hobby. Because they enjoy browsing through stuff, it doesn't necessarily mean that they buy everything they like. It's mostly just to see which outfits are trendy or in season.

3. The Loyal Awardee

"By the way, if we're gonna shop some shoes, let's go to Nike. All of my shoes are Nike."

Call it #faithful, but this girl is legitimately telling the truth when she says all her shoes are from Nike. Seriously, if Nike was offering any loyalty awards to people who have bought more than 7 Nike shoes, she'd be the first on the list!

Does anyone come to mind? Or could this be you? The loyal buyer is probably also loyal in relationships, too. I hope.

4. The Educated Shopper

"So, do you have any product with *insert tons of gibberish*? I've done a lot of research and I need these *gibberish*."

If you just spent more than 20 minutes sifting through the internet and trying to figure out what is the best laptop deal out there and at what price, you're probably the exact definition of the educated shopper. This shopper searches for reviews, tips, and articles about the product they want beforehand.

Contrary to an impulse buyer, educated shoppers put a lot of thought -- and sometimes too much thought -- into their buying habits and making sure that they get the best conditions. Most workers probably find these types of shoppers really hard to sell to, especially when they go into really deep questions that can only be answered by the manufacturer, like, "So what do you feed these chickens? I've read that organic-fed chickens are blah blah blah..."

5. The Negotiator

"Maam, I can see that the paint on this part is chipped off, so can we cut the price in half? Yeah, see this part?"

These buyers can irk cashiers and salespeople, but they're really adamant about paying a lesser price. Their eyes can be likened to an eagle's, immediately spotting a chipped off surface or a loose thread in the clothes and asking for a discount. Be careful in dealing with these gals. Although impulse-buying isn't at all great, pulling down the price too low where there is no profit left is also not the best thing to do.

6. The Bargain Hunter

"Wait, I still have those coupons from last year, and this one too," says she while you look at her with a smile plastered to your face as she's emptying all the contents in her bag to the counter in hopes of finding those - probably already expired - coupons.

If you hear that there's a crazy sale, then it's already a given that this buyer learned of it a day earlier than it was said. They must be really thrilled when they reach 60 years old, so they can get discounts wherever they go!

7. The Practical Shopper

Just a question, does this person really exist? It's hard to see someone actually stick to the list that they made earlier without adding a thing or two that they'd like. This is the total opposite of the impulse buyer, as these guys plan way ahead of time and have really strong self-control that you ask yourself, "What type of superpowers does this person have?"

Shopping is fun and these types of shoppers can be seen every time you go shopping. So, the next time you shop, hide your chuckles when you hear someone saying similar phrases to the ones above. Wouldn't want anybody getting the wrong idea, would we?

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