Jun 18, 2019

Top 10 Maternity Dresses For Hot Summer Months

Carrying a baby in this hot humid country may take some perseverance and a lot of energy. Brighten your mood and wear a cute dress, because there are actually more choices than you think!

Maternity wear can be hard to find because they don't sell it in all stores. Finding the right size, the right durability and flexibility, and the right price may not be the easiest task - but that's why we're here to help you! Enjoy our list of the top 10 maternity dresses for you to wear during these hot months and show off your sweet baby bump!

1. Black Side-Slit Maxi Dress

Old Navy Maternity Side-Slit Maxi Tank Dress USD 25.00 (approx PHP 1,300.00)

This tight-fitted dress is casual and simple. It's made of rayon and spandex, allowing the fabric to be extra flexible and stretchy. Besides black, it comes in black and white stripes, a pretty blue-green color and a bright purple. This dress will allow you to move around easily without any stress, and the slit at the bottom provides a sexy vibe, all at the same time!

2. Pastel Drawstring Maternity Dress

Sleeveless Drawstring Maternity Dress USD 11.96 (approx PHP 622.20)

Another stretchy, sleeveless dress - but this time, shorter! The length stops right above the knees, which is better when it comes to the heat and humidity. Since it's sort of a wrap dress, it won't be tight around the stomach and waist area, leaving enough access to move around freely and when bending down. This dress comes in a cute pastel pink and a cool periwinkle color.

3. Printed Short Sleeve Dress

BUNTIS Eden Maternity Dress PHP 1,099.00

This piece doesn't look like an ordinary maternity dress, which makes it great! The checkered print and the floral accents make it chic and modern. Because it's unlined and made of rayon, it'll be easy to move around and it'll fit perfectly according to your body. The bow around the neck area is an adorable accent too, don't you think?

4. Blue Striped Strapless Dress

Amelia Maternity Dress - Olivia PHP 999.00

Here's a cute off shoulder dress perfect for the summer. The blue and white vertical stripes and the lace trimming give off a marine vibe, and because it's unlined and loose, it should allow enough breeze to enter to keep you cool. It should be easy to wear because it can be slipped on, and it's definitely cute to wear too!

5. Dual-tone Halter Neck Dress

Mommy Plus Louisa Empire Waist Sequined Halter Maternity Dress PHP 999.00

This dress is a little less casual and a bit more fancy. The dual-tone black and fuscia will make you stand out, and the halter neck and sequin embellishments are quite trendy and fashionable. There are two self-tie ribbons on the back, around the waist and around the neck, which make this maternity dress even cuter!

6. Off Shoulder Maternity Dress

Milano Mimosa Off The Shoulder Maternity Dress PHP 6,194.30

This one's a little expensive, since it's an Italian designer dress, but maybe if you have a party coming up or you have a night out planned at a fancy restaurant, this is something you'd want to wear. Maybe your birthday's coming up and you want to give yourself a present, or make someone else buy it for you! Either way, it's bound to look cute and classy.

7. Floral Ruffled Maternity Dress

Old Navy Maternity Ruffled Tie-Belt Waist-Defined Dress USD 35.00 (approx PHP 1,821.00)

A floral dress is a must-have. This Old Navy dress comes in four adorable designs, two having large flower prints while the other two have smaller, more concentrated flower prints. Whichever color you choose, the V-neck, the ruffled sleeves, the elasticized waist and the removable belt are all bound to make you comfortable, cool, and cute all at the same time.

8. Yellow Striped Cami Dress

ASOS DESIGN Maternity mini sundress with button front and pep hem in stripe USD 34.74 (approx PHP 1,807.40)

Yes, yellow! This button-down striped sundress with frilled hems would be the perfect dress for morenas. It's designed to fit well during all stages of pregnancy, so you don't have to worry about it getting too tight eventually. Who wouldn't love a cute cotton sundress for these hot humid months?

9. Blue Printed Slip-on Dress

Belly Bump Printed Maternity Dress PHP 1,299.75

Dresses that can be both casual and fancy are the best dresses. This Egyptian Blue printed dress from Belly Bump slips on easily, has a cute self-tie sash at the waist, and has tight, steady material. You could wear it through your whole pregnancy and it probably wouldn't be all worn out at the end! It's short enough to keep you cool and its flare design makes it adorable.

10. Checkered Printed Sleeveless Dress

BUNTIS Dorina Nursing Maternity Dress PHP 849.00

Unlike the other entries on the list, our last entry has a sweet, retro vibe. It's made for nursing and for maternity, comes in two colors: red and green, and should keep you cool during the summer! The cotton material should absorb sweat so you won't feel all sticky - overall it's a lovely and perfect piece for any pregnant lady during these hot months.

Pregnancy is a very valuable time in a woman (and man's) life, and it's a time to shine. Choose the right clothes and the cutest dresses to remember and capture this special time in your life!

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