Jun 25, 2019

The 8 Best Transparent Bags For Girls Who've Got Nothing to Hide

You've probably heard of the see-through bag trend by now, so if you don't own one yet, now's your chance because we've selected 8 of the cutest bags for you.

At first, you might've thought that these transparent bags were so weird, but seeing people carrying them might have made you realize that they're actually really cute! They give your outfit a trendy, fun and chic vibe, and they're really just perfect for the hot weather too. So without further ado, here are 8 transparent bags selected specially for you that will without a doubt enhance your #ootdstyle this summer!

The Big Chained Shoulder Bag

Ins Super Fire Transparent Bag PHP 1,303.00

Available in three colors: pink, blue, and black, this bag will fit all your essential items and make you look trendy at the same time! It has a small pocket on the inside to fit your phone and lipstick.

The Modern Black Hand Bag

Susto The Label Nicola Transparent Bag PHP 2,599.00

The synthetic crocodile skin on the handles and the inside pouch make this bag look modern and chic. Measuring 11x10x4 inches (HxLxW), it's the perfect size and will fit all of your necessary items. Use this bag with an all black outfit or a monotone outfit!

The Round Snakeskin Sling Bag

Transparent Snakeskin Crossbody Bag USD 15.35 (PHP 788.30)

Animal print is also trendy this summer, so you get the best of both worlds with this one. It's small, round, and cute, but the snakeskin print makes it more sophisticated and snazzy ;) You can carry this bag around with a simple outfit like a plain crop top and shorts and still look good.

The Hot Pink Tote Bag

London Rag Women Tote Bag PHP 1,658.30

For those of you who love pink, this one's for you. This bag has one pocket on the outer front, and no pockets inside. Carry this to school and you'll be receiving compliments left and right!

The Gold Chain Shoulder Bag

Transparent Simple Style Jelly Shoulder BagUSD 13.41 (PHP 688.67)

This one is simple and the safest of all the bags on the list. Its inner pouch is big enough to fit all of your items so nothing will be revealed, but the transparent material on the outside makes it look playful enough that it's more cute than plain.

The Cute Little Backpack

Forever 21 Contrast-Trim Vinyl Backpack USD 17.43 (PHP 895.53)

Neon and transparent! Two things that are trendy this year. For those of you who love backpacks and will not carry anything else, this is recommended for you. It comes in a cute neon orange and neon lime, has a front zip pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps. Forever 21 has other cute transparent bags too, so check them out.

The Holographic Sling Bag

Shapes and Curves Transparent Beach Sling Bag PHP 349.00

Here's a clutch bag with a gold chain. Its plastic material makes it waterproof, so maybe take this with you to the beach or to a pool party! Also, who can resist this price?

The Fanny Pack

Chase Fashion Holographic Prism Waist Belt Bag PHP 1,220.00

You might be thinking, a fanny pack?? But hey, 90s fashion trends are reviving this year, so why not? It's easy, cute, compact, and fashionable. Hurry though because this one's low in stock!

Have you been inspired to buy a see-through bag yet? You know, some brands also make coats, shoes, and other accessories that are transparent so if you're interested, check those out too.