May 29, 2019

The 7 Prettiest Bohemian Dresses For Your Summer OOTDs

Become a boho goddess this summer with our top picks for you!

It's officially summer. One great thing about summer is being able to wear cute outfits that we had to put off for a while, and one of the most exciting pieces we can wear during the blazing hot season is bohemian dresses! This 70s, hippie, flower child vibe has quite frankly never been out of style. You can wear them to parties, to music festivals, to the beach, or even to picnics with your friends and family. So without further ado, here are our top 7 picks for the prettiest, most elegant bohemian dresses for you this summer.

1. The Open Back Halter Dress

F.101 Open Back Halter Printed Dress PHP 799.00

Another thing that never goes out of style in fashion is the halter neck. It's trendy, sexy, and has a retro yet modern vibe. This maxi dress just screams hippie! The blue, ethnic tone, the slit to show off your legs, and the open back are all a plus. Wear this with a wide-rimmed hat and some turquoise accessories and voila, you're the definition of trendy, boho, and classy.

2. The Off Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Floral Print Bohemian Flare Dress PHP 1,075.34

Obviously, you can't forget about off shoulder dresses because every girl should literally own one. Although this piece has long sleeves, since you'll be showing off your shoulders, back, and since it's short enough to show most of your legs, it's actually the perfect dress for summer. But again, make sure to lather on that sunscreen on your shoulders because sunburn on your shoulders is the worst!

3. The Colorful Print Maxi Dress

Purple Shore Sleeveless Long Dress PHP 799.00

Here's another beauty. The green and orange print is unique and the neckline – wow. Match this with fun earrings and platform sandals for a modern look.

4. The Ethnic Print Robe Dress

ZARA Printed Dress With Bows PHP 2495.00

When in doubt, go to ZARA. That's my motto, but make it yours too, because everything, and I mean everything, they sell is beautiful. This dress looks like a gown or a bathrobe maybe, but I bet you girls in the 70s wore cute dresses like this too. The patchwork print and the gentle ribbon make this piece scream bohemian!

5. The "Twiggy" Short Dress

Purple Shore Sleeveless Dress with Round Neck PHP 599.00

This is like, borderline 60s to 70s, and it gives you that Twiggy feel. But really, how adorable is this dress!? Definitely wear this to the beach and you'll be the cutest girl there. You can pick from two colors: pink and orange, which are both classy and adorable. Make sure to wear a lot of sunscreen because you'll be showing a lot of skin!

6. The Crochet Spaghetti Strap Dress

ZARA Striped Crochet Dress PHP 3295.00

Yes, crochet! Crochet is a must when it comes to the bohemian look. This dress is perfect with its calm colors and stripes – it's not too bold and bulky like some striped pieces can be. The great thing is, this would fit perfectly during the day at the beach or even at a night out with your friends. Match it with a straw hat and a small shoulder bag if you're going to the beach, or add a pearl necklace and sparkly earrings if you're spending the night out.

7. The Simple Lace Maxi Dress

Button Down Lace Insert Maxi DressUSD 11.99 (about PHP 626)

Here's a casual, simple maxi dress, and you may be thinking, how is this bohemian? But with the right accessories, this dress will allow you to become a bohemian goddess. First of all, it has frills for sleeves. Second, the lace, see through portions of the bottom half of the dress is the epitome of bohemian. Really, can it get any cuter? Match this dress with a fringe bag, stone accessories, and maybe some flowers in your hair! You'll be turning heads everywhere.

So, now that you've been inspired, you're probably about to go out and get one or have already clicked Buy on one of these beauties up here! Either way, you'll definitely look beautiful - it's your turn to become your own boho goddess this year!

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