Apr 24, 2019

Pins Are In: The New Hairstyle Trends

Still have your childhood hairpins? Bring them out now!

A new trend has risen, folks! Remember the days when our moms used to clip our hair with different colorful hair clips? Well, good news - inserting a couple of hairpins not only keeps our hair intact, but it also adds another interesting contrast of style: playful yet elegant. So why not go ahead and dig your wardrobe for those cute animal pins or clips?

Oh, you threw them away? Bummer... but! Why not buy a hair clip or two or maybe even six? Who knows, you might buy a box full of them after seeing these six celebrity-inspired hairstyles that will pin every person's eyes to you at first glance!

1. The Simple Clip

This hairstyle of Elisse Joson really brings us back to our days when we were under 3 feet and had no clue whatsoever on what fashion was about. But, now that we've grown up, we can bring back that childhood innocence that we've lost somewhere in our teenage years with a simple clip, like this white, marble-looking hairclip.

2. The Thin Couple Clips

It's simple but totally eye-catching! Rhian Ramos rocks it again with two simple thin clips on the side of her short wavy hair. To recreate this look, you just need to choose a really thin hairpin with a design that you'd like and buy two. This style would look perfect on those girls with short hair, with two thin hair pins pinned half an inch away from each other.

3. The Symmetrical Pearl Clips

Anne's hair looks very plain at first glance, but those two pearl clips at each side of her hair brings out a fresh new look in her, and it will on you, too. Although you're probably one of the many girls that can't rock a middle part, you can get an aid with these pearl clips - or you can use a clip with any design you choose - and put it on each side of your hair.

4. Three Golden Hairclips on Each Side

Miss Barbie does it again. She managed to look incredibly beautiful with just a simple touch of the right accessories - especially those hair clips. If you really find middle parting hard, then you can copy Barbie's hairstyle with the parting of your choice and three identical hair clips on each side. This lessens the harshness that middle parting often brings and gives birth to a whole new look!

5. Three Clips at One Side

Three is a party and six is a crowd, a very golden way of halving the hairstyle above. Janella is not any late to the party, bringing with her a side part where one side has three really thin braids with hairpins inserted within them. Wanna try it? Just clip the bar pins near the braids and they'll shine on their own.

6. Just One Huge Clip at the Side

It won't be a stretch to say that those clips above might stretch your budget a little bit higher than what you'd like. You probably prefer investing in just one huge clip, like Sue's Instagram look with one gold leaf hairclip on the side of her hair. It's an easy fit, and also stays longer without falling.

Have you been inspired by these beautiful looks and are now looking for one? Try these hairpins below you can match or combine to create your own style!

Pearl Hairpin Adult Bangs A Word Clip Headdress Clip USD 12.45 (approx. PHP 650)

Metal Maple Leaf Hair Clips PHP 132.00

Fashionable Alloy Faux Pearl Rhinestones Hair Clip PHP 139.00

Timeless Manila Meghan Korean Elegant Trendy Hair Pin PHP 319.00

Timeless Manila Kate Korean Elegant Trendy Hair Pin PHP 319.00

Clips used to be only for children, but who says adults can't use them? Fashion is ever-changing, so keep some of whatever you bought with you as keepsakes because it'll probably become the trend in a few years or maybe a decade.

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